Video of random dude’s rant, telling Dilawans not welcome in Manila Bay Dolomite Beach goes viral on Tiktok

Ito ang bunga ng nagmumurang Presidente! This is the punchline of the random dude who approached four lady visitors of Manila Bay Dolomite Beach, eliciting instant giggles from the said ladies.

O, di ba bastos yun eh? Pero tingnan mo ang bastos kaysa disente, nasaan? Ay nako! The random dude continued dissing the critics of the Dolomite Beach. In fairness, the four lady visitors seems to agree with the random dude.

The random dude continued ranting, saying Dilawans are not welcome, to enjoy the Dolomite Beach and should be told to leave immediately and according to him, must be embarrassed of themselves.

By the way, the Tiktoker who uploaded the video identified himself as daddyd144.

The random dude specifically told Leni supporters, the Dilawans, they have no space, they are not welcome at the Manila Bay Dolomite Beach.

The random dude addressed the public, saying the time is now to know that we need to wake up!

BBM tayo, BBM tayo so that our country will continue to be progressive and wake up to the truth. For 35 years, we have been fooled by making us believe they were the victims. He said we should be thankful to the social media, the random dude said.

The random dude reminisced how Manila Bay stinks before President Duterte ordered the Manila Bay cleanup that you wouldn’t dare to go near it because of the foul smell. He lamented that previous leaders/administration did not think about cleaning the Manila Bay because they were pre-occupied about their personal interest – bank accounts, acquiring wealth – they did not care about ordinary Filipinos.

We should be grateful for President Duterte. He urged Filipinos to support BBM, who is running for President to continue all the good things President Duterte have started. Otherwise, if the Dilawans win, the random dude was afraid, they will undo all the good things President Duterte did and even dumped garbage at the Manila Dolomite Beach.

The random dude also warned that the Dilawans might do something drastic in the election because they are desperate because many Filipinos are awakened, know the stinks of the Dilawans.

The random dude mentioned Leni Robredo’s reason why she runs for President, to avenge (actually Robredo run for President to stop another Marcos in Malacañang) which made him wonder what kind of brain Leni has?

The random dude went on talking for a few more seconds to argue why Filipinos need to support BBM’s candidacy if we don’t want the Dilawan to undo what President Duterte has started.

The video has gone very viral, generating more than 1 millions views, 153,000+ hearts and 11,000+ comments on Tiktok.


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