Video proofs 7 NPA members apprehended in Palawan police checkpoint claiming to be human rights workers of KARAPATAN are NPA’s goes viral online

The days of the New People’s Army members using the “human rights activists” card when captured by the military or the police is now over!

Remember the three women and four other individuals apprehended in police checkpoint in Taytay Palawan last week and one of them introduced herself as human rights worker Glendhyl Malabanan, regional staff KARAPATAN Southern Tagalog?

Malabanan and company strongly denied owning the grenades, subversive materials, firearms and ammunition confiscated by the police upon their apprehension, calling the whole thing a police charade.

KARAPATAN or Alliance for the Advancement of people’s Rights is an alliance of individuals, groups and organizations working for the promotion and protection of human rights in the Philippines. Its founders and members have been at the forefront of the human rights struggle in the Philippines since the time of Marcos’ martial law regime.

However, a video uploaded by different Facebook pages, including showed that these so-called “human rights workers” aren’t telling the truth.

In a two-minute and 33-second video clip, a woman whom the FB pade identified as Glendhyl Malabanan can be seen holding a long rifle (perhaps an M16) together with other men in front of civilians (including children) participating in a NPA’s version of a military drill.

Malabanan, though struggled a bit when compared to her male counterparts, completed the drill or the ceremony with flying colors. Not bad for a human rights worker huh to have pulled off the drill wielding an M16 rifle as she hit the dirt on her back, aimed the M16 rifle towards the sky and then got up with one hand without losing her balance and point the M16 to the imaginary enemies to the front.

Like in a military drill, a male NPA commander can be heard barking orders to his men to synchronize their movements.

"Human Rights Worker's Training"

Iba na ang training ngayon para maging human rights worker. Kailangan mo nang matutong humawak ng baril habang padapa-dapa sa lupa. #AFPyoucanTrust #SupportOurTroops

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