Video: Singaporean taxi driver compares Davao City to Singapore

The last time I checked the news, Mar Roxas told Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on TV that they should level up the debate by talking more about serious issues and stop the ‘slapping’ saga altogether.

The Wharton issue is water under the bridge for now. The common ‘tao’ like me were simply confused with the jargons that only the intellectuals could grasp. Mar Roxas said he is a Wharton Grad while the Duterte camp said he is a not a Wharton MBA holder. Whether Mar Roxas is a Wharton Grad or not, the Yolanda survivors think otherwise.

But there is one issue that remains undecided, the accusation by Mar Roxas that, ‘a peaceful Davao City is a myth’ and I believed the best judge on the issue should come from the outside. No, we don’t need to hire a third-party investigating body to this just like the SUA issue of the Montero Sport but the foreigners who visited Davao City in the past.

Singaporean compares Davao City to Singapore

Talking about foreigners as the final arbiter whether Davao City is indeed one of the safest cities in the world according to or the 4th city with the highest crime index according to the stats provided by the Roxas camp makes sense, a lot of sense.

This video uploaded in YouTube very recently should not be taken lightly wherein a Singaporean taxi driver compared Davao City to Singapore. Why? It says a lot about the city and the Mayor. But wait, he was simply comparing how safe Davao City was when he visited it just like his country because of the strict implementation of the laws.

What do you think? Does the opinion of visitors to Davao City matters?

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