Video: Twitter VP confirms AlDub’s record breaking tweets are real and authentic

If you’d recall, Vice Ganda of It’s Showtime insinuated that the 25.6 million tweets for the #AlDubEBForLove were fake when the popular celebrity thanked the ‘It’s Showtime’ fans for the 6.3 million ‘REAL’ and ‘ORGANIC’ tweets for the hashtag #ShowtimeKapamilyaDay.

Twitter VP on ALDub Interview

Vice Ganda Controversial p

Vice Ganda’s controversial Facebook post.

This statement by Vice Ganda did not sit well with #AlDub fans and responded by posting and sharing proof online that shows the rival noontime show was the guilty party and cheated their way to 6 million tweets for it’s hashtag #ShowtimeKapamilyaDay. Check the proof below provided by an AlDub fan.


It’s been a month or so since Vice Ganda made that controversial statement and many of his fans from the rival network believed his words as ‘gospel truth.’

But, the interview made by Maria Ressa of Rappler with Twitter’s Asia Pacific and Middle East Vice President Rishi Jaitly will once and for all put an END to the malicious accusation from the rival noontime show that tweets made by AlDub fans were fake. In the interview, Twitter’s VP Rishi Jaitly confirmed that the 25.6 million tweets for the hashtag #AlDubEBForLove were ‘REAL’ and ‘AUTHENTIC!’

The interview with Twitter’s VP Rishi Jaitly also confirmed a lot of things about AlDub:

  • The producers of the show continue to listen to the fans on Twitter and keeps developing the plots and twists of Kalyeserye based on the conversations of the fans and incorporate it with the story.
  • There are more tweets about AlDub than the 2015 MTV Awards
  • The tweets from AlDub fans validate that the writers and producers of Eat Bulaga are doing the right thing.
  • There are more climaxes to come and the Kalyeserye will stay longer than expected on air.
  • The Kalyeserye is teaching the producers all over the world or businesses on how to use Twitter the right way.

You may watch the interview now by clicking the PLAY button below:

Please the post to make it known to It’s Showtime fans that AlDub fans are for real.

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