Video: Watch how Senator Lacson exposes one of Lascañas lies and inconsistencies

In case you have developed memory lapses, Senator Panfilo Lacson was once former Pres. Erap Estrada’s PNP Chief before winning a senatorial seat.

Lacson’s background as a former policeman is a boon to his job especially during senate hearings wherein his interrogation skills come in handy.

This is what SPO3 Arthur Lascañas learned today when he came face to face with Erap’s former top cop.

In the video, Lacson confronted Lascañas about his public confession via presscon wherein he claimed he witnessed the killing of an entire family in Davao City.

In the affidavit made the previous day, February 19, 2017, Lascañas stated in his sworn affidavit that he stayed outside the house where an entire family was shot to death by fellow DDS  members using .22 caliber with suppressor.

Cornered by Lacson, Lascañas admitted that he stayed outside and only heard the gunshots during the shooting like what he said in his sworn affidavit.

Meanwhile, Senator Lacson has announced the termination of the senate hearing on the Davao Death Squad after finding no solid evidence against Duterte.

Trillanes told GMA News that he won’t accept that Lascanas testimony today in the senate is the first and the last.

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