Video: When citizens unite against criminals, the result is extremely satisfying

When citizens unite against criminals

Criminals nowadays are getting bolder and bolder! Why? They know that the people are either afraid of them, for obvious reasons: the criminals are armed and dangerous and would not hesitate to kill with with impunity or the people have raised their arms in resignation that fighting them back is futile and detrimental to their well being.

But what if the ordinary citizens would band together and fight criminals as one? The result is encouraging because if we think about it, there are more peace-loving citizens than the criminals and obviously, in theory the police is on our side.

The video below is the perfect template when ordinary citizens decide to exercise their rights on the so-called citizen’s arrest.

The thief was caught red handed and got a good beating from the arresting citizens which is just right to send a strong message to every criminals watching this video that they cannot always get away with crime and the citizens will beat them to the pulp or break every bone of their bodies if they are caught in the act of committing a crime.

Thief tries to escape.

The video was uploaded recently by the Top Facebook Page Trending Pinoy Videos and has since garnered more than 30 thousand views.


As expected, the netizens who have grown tired of watching the criminals get away with crime were relieved to watch the thief getting caught before he could run away from the crime scene with his loot which totalled around 5 thousand pesos or more.

You can check out the video now.

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