Viral FB post says President Duterte planted Nic Faeldon in Customs to catch biggest dr*g smugglers, in BuCor to checkmate his enemies?

A Facebook post published on September 6, 2019 by netizen Florvin Garcia claiming that President Duterte used Nic Faeldon to catch the bad guys in the BoC and checkmate his enemies via BuCor has trended on social media.

According to Garcia, Faeldon is not corrupt, serious and loyal to his job and President Duterte knows this.

That is why PRRD precisely used Faeldon as his lookout at the Bureau of Customs to know who owns the biggest illegal dr*g shipment and where it came from. In addition, PRRD, wants to know what are the other illegal activities at the BOC. In short, PRRD wants to know if indeed there was corruption at the BOC.

Garcia remarked that Faeldon exposed all the illegal activities at the Customs that is why the senators wanted him out, especially Lacson after Faeldon exposed the involvement of his son in the cement smuggling.

Garcia said that Duterte appointed Faeldon to the BuCor. He reckoned it was all part of the grand plan of Duterte and that included the leak of Sanchez getting out of jail which Lacson and the bias media picked up, hook, line and sinker so to speak.

According to Garcia, the local media did not realize that the law re GCTA they are criticizing were authored and prepared by de Lima and the LP senators, including Lacson and signed by PNoy.

Because of this, Congress and the Senate debated on the GCTA law and it turned out, it has many problems and loopholes, rendering the said law useless.

At this point, Garcia revealed the hat trick by PRRD. He said that since the GCTA is questionable, there is a huge likelihood or percentage that the drug lords who were earlier reported to get their freedom via RA 10592 will not earn their liberty. And that includes de Lima and many corrupt politicians who will be sent to jail in the next few months or years.

Garcia added, Faeldon will testify against Trillanes. And if they are going to prison, there is a possibility they will rot in prison, including Joma Sison and 36 leaders of the CPP-NPA after a Manila RTC released a warrant of arrest. If they are all jailed, no more GCTA.

Garcia exclaimed, “Bingo si Duterte. Si Faeldon lang pala ang makaCheckmate sa lahat.”

You may read the Florvin Garcia’s full FB post below.

Corrupt ba si Faeldon?

Ang sagot ko hindi. Kasi alam ni Pres. Duterte na seryoso at tapat si Faeldon magtrabaho. Kaya ginamit niya ito na look-out sa BOC para malaman nya saan at kanino nanggagaling ang malalaking shipment ng droga at kung ano pa ang ibat-ibang uri ng illegal na gawain sa BOC. In short, kung may corruption ba sa BOC.

Nabisto ni Faeldon lahat kaya ito gustong ipaalis ng Mga Senador sa BOC especially si Lacson kasi pinakailaman ni Faeldon ang smuggling of cement and other construction product na walang tamang Tax at Papel na nakapangalan sa anak ni Lacson.

Pangalawa inilipat ni Pres. Duterte si Faeldon sa BUCOR. Assuming nilang pinagplanohan lahat na mag-ingay tungkol sa Pagpapalabas kai Sanchez. Kinagat ni Lacson at ang mga Bias na Media.

Ang di nila alam na ang binabatikos nilang Batas na GCTA ay ang may akda ay ang mga senador na si de lima at pirmado ng LP senators, Kasama si Lacson, at Isinabatas ni PNOY. Di ano ngayon parang Gagohan lang. So nagdebate sa Senado at Congreso tungkol sa GCTA. Parang ang daming problema. Ngayon ang batas ay walang Bisa na.

Heto ang trick dyan. Since ang GCTA ay questionable, malaki ang porsyento na hindi na makalabas lahat ng drug lord, si de lima at ang mga taong corrupt na makukulong ngayong taon o sa mga susunod na taon pa. Si Faeldon naman tetistigo sa Kasong rebellion kontra kai Trillanes. Pag na kulong bulok sa kulungan. Ang Korte sa Manila RTC naglabas na ng warrant para sa lahat ng myembro ng CPP-NDF- NPA specially kai Joma at sa 36 leaders nito. Pagnakulong wala ng GCTA.

Bingo si Duterte. Si Faeldon lang pala ang makaCheckmate sa lahat.

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