Viral FB post tells Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano Sandy Cay is not island, but a shoal. Ergo, the Philippines has not lost an island to China

Recently, DFA Secretary Alan Cayetano said that he will quit as DFA Secretary if someone show him proof that the Philippines lost an island to China.

Cayetano’s dare certainly was music to the opposition’s ears, especially to rumored senator aspirant Magdalo representative Gary Alejano.

Immediately, Alejano called his friends from mainstream media to release his statement or reaction to Cayetano’s dare. [PhilStar]

“Every time Philippine government vessels patrol Sandy Cay, they are driven away by Chinese coast guard vessels. This could be likened to the situation in Scarborough Shoal in 2012 wherein our fishermen and military forces are prevented from approaching. Since then, China controlled the shoal.”

Alejano cited Republic Act 9522, also known as the Philippine Baselines Law, which states that Pag-asa Island, including Sandy Cay, is part Philippine territory under Article 121 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

In short, Alejano tells Cayetano to make good on his promise to quit the DFA since he just gave him the proof the Philippines lost an island to China since Duterte became President.

Sandy Cay is located 4 nautical miles from Pag-asa Island, which is part of Palawan province.

However, Sass Rogando Sasot, international relations and South China Sea expert said Alejano was wrong to tell Cayetano to resign based on his claim that the Philippines lost an island to China as per Sandy Clay issue.

On Facebook, Sasot said Sandy Clay is not an island, but a shoal as per decision of the arbitration.

Please read the full text Sasot’s post below for your enlightenment.


Sandy Cay is not an island, Alejano. In fact, according to the arbitration decision WE PAID for, there’s nothing in the Spratlys that could be considered an island. So what island Duterte lost to China?

Again, you cannot lose what is not yours. The Arbitration decision is CLEAR: “The Tribunal has not addressed—and will not address—the question of which State has sovereignty over Sandy Cay, Thitu, or Scarborough Shoal and would thus have an entitlement to the surrounding territorial sea.” (page 296).

So wala kang sovereign title over Sandy Cay. So, papaano nasabing sayo yan? You are in a territorial contest where MILITARY POWER is DECISIVE.

You want Sandy Cay? Be willing to die for it. So, who is willing to die for Sandy Cay?

Your thoughts?

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