Viral! How a foreign cabin crew turned Leni Robredo’s face red with good compliments of Duterte

Have you heard of Leni Robredo’s trip to Africa, supposedly attending as a keynote speaker for a women’s conference last March this year? Link here.

Well, here’s an anecdote shared by Facebook user named Drench Paradise related to Robredo’s trip that has provided entertainment to netizens on social media. Obviously, if you are not a fan of Robredo, you will have a good laugh after reading the post.

Read the post below.

“Late chika mga ka DDS.

This is about my Cabin Crew friend’s colleague’s story when Leni was aboard Qatar Airways from Africa(remember?).

When a foreign head cabin crew learned that the Vice President of the Philippines was onboard, he approached her and congratulated her for the good things that are happening in the Philippines and for having an effective president. The Filipino staff were all giggling inside! Nasampal ang VP ng katotohanan lol !


The post has gathered 600 plus shares, 3.4K reactions and 15 comments on Facebook.

Richillo Oliveros remarked: “Still you have to give it to the VP. Even when something so obvious is staring at her right between the eyes she still is opposed to our President. Yan ang VP may paninindigan sa LP pero hindi sa bayan. Wonder if there’s really some grey matter left between her ears.”

Edgar Estrera wrote: “Ha ha ha!!! Ayos!!! Sarap makita mukha ni Leni sa time na yan!!!”

Dwayne Segador said a video would have been fine. “Sasabihin n nman nila fakenews and propaganda yan. Gusto nila naka vid para mapamukha sa kanila. ”

Hirap ng hindi nila matangap ang katotohanan. #uarenotsilentanduarenotthemajority

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