#viral: Netizen chides Rappler for shamelessly turning positive news in favor of Duterte gov’t into something negative!

Rappler isn’t called the #1 enemy of the Duterte government for nothing.

Once again, Rappler has reminded the DDS that despite their legal woes, they aren’t running scared and will continue to fight back by doing what they do best – publishing lies and more lies vs the Duterte government, even if it means earning the ire of Malacanang and the DDS.

In a Facebook post, netizen Ryan Archival Villaflores showed the public how Rappler shamelessly twisted the truth by magnifying a bad angle out of good news, if only to support its anti-Duterte narrative.

Villaflores was talking about the recent survey wherein the public was asked about their perception of the status of the freedom of speech in the country and the response caught the opposition and their supporter by surprised because it was but positive in favor of PRRD government.

Confused? Well, instead of reporting as it is like its local counterparts, Rappler did the opposite and dwell on the negative, in order to embarrass PRRD.

You may read Ryan Archival Villaflores’ full FB post below.


Rappler always says that the government is singling it out, treating it differently. But look here. Look how Rappler here is the only outfit to treat the news differently, if only to put the government in a bad light, if only to advance its own prejudice.

And we have seen this many times. For so many news angles that seem to favor the government, for every report that seems to negate Rappler’s campaign telling the world of the death of all kinds of freedom here, Rappler will always find an angle to retell the story in its own point of view.

Look here how every media outfit is reporting the news as it is. And then look how Rappler looks at it differently, on its headline, on the first paragraphs of its “news” feature.

August 4, 2019

“SWS: Most Pinoys find freedom of speech ‘very strong’ under Duterte”

Manila Times:
“Pinoys agree: Freedom of speech ‘very strong’ – SWS”

The Philippine Star:
“SWS: Pinoys ‘very strongly’ agree they have personal freedom of speech”

“SWS finds freedom of speech ‘very strong’ under Duterte gov’t”

CNN Philippines:
SWS: 6 in 10 Filipinos feel free to speak up under Duterte administration

GMA News:
“SWS: 59% of Pinoys feel free to speak up, even if against Duterte admin”

The Inquirer:
“Freedom of speech ‘very strong’ under Duterte admin — SWS”

“Majority of Filipinos think it’s dangerous to publish anything critical of Duterte admin”

Read more: https://www.rappler.com/…/236983-majority-filipinos-think-d…

End of quotes.

Worse than Rappler though would be the liberalist Western media. For so long, dinosaurs like Time, CNN and New York Times, have been basking in their stories about the Philippines as having lost its freedoms to an evil man, Digong. But who are these self-appointed wise men to tell us, Filipinos who live here in a land they do not fucking know, we who criticize our government everyday without fear, 87% of us who approve of our president, and about that number, too, who perhaps do not believe in the global media santa santita that is Maria?

But these hypocrites, they feel powerful, yea? They hold governments accountable? But no one can hold them accountable for their blatant abuse of their supposedly sacred privilege. They are infallible, they are blameless, and the truth can only come from them.

Bless them though, because clearly, for all the noise they have been trying to make, no thanks to Maria and Leni, the Filipino people are not listening. In fact, the more they peddle their lies and prejudice, the more Filipinos believe in Duterte, the more Filipinos feel free.

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