Viral post begs Sen. De Lima’s reply if summarily killings investigated during stint as CHR and DOJ Secretary

In a news article published recently by GMA News, Sen. Leila de Lima urged President Duterte to remind the police about the importance of following the law while carrying out his administration’s all-out offensive against illegal drugs.

She said she sees nothing wrong of President Duterte’s rhetoric to rally the law enforcers in the fight against illegal drugs, however, the lady senator cautions the President when barking the marching orders to the law enforcers because this could embolden them to break the law.

Previously, the lady Senator and former Secretary of Justice told GMA News that she plans to conduct a legislative probe on the series of killings of drug suspects. Check out the entire story here.

Meanwhile, a netizen named Sass Rogando Sasot published an open letter containing the harshest criticism against the lady senator which served as President Noynoy Aquino’s Justice Secretary before winning a senatorial slot in the recent national election.

The open letter was posted 12 hours ago as of this writing and has since generated more than 1000 shares.

Check out the full-text of the letter below.


Here’s my rebuttal.

According to PNP Officer-in-Charge, Deputy Director General Leonardo A. Espina, these are some of the 2013 achievements of Oplan Lambat Sabat ek ek of Former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas:

– 283 dead motorcycle riding criminals; and
– 193 neutralised suspects.

That was only in 2013. We’re not really aware who are these dead and neutralised “criminals.” Inquirer didn’t make a list of who they are. But I can’t call them criminals because I believe only the court can judge that they are guilty of the crimes they were accused of, right? Due process, that sort of thing?

Meanwhile, the 2014 Annual Report of DILG says the following:

– neutralization of 1,199 carnapping suspects
– 7,734 persons carrying loose firearms were neutralized


So Madame Senator, I believe that you were the DOJ Secretary during that time. Did CHR investigate each one of them? Did your office investigate each one of them? Can you please tell us whether these extra-judicial killings are justified? If yes, why? If not, then you are in trouble.

What can you say about this post?

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot


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