Viral post ‘claiming’ the PNP & Army officers have joined forces in a holy mass to endorse Duterte is fake

A viral post claiming the PNP and Army officers have joined forces in a holy mass to endorse Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared recently, the Facebook Page Bisaya Ako published the photos of Mayor Duterte in the company of PNP and Army officials attending a holy mass.

The photos were captioned in such a way that the police and military officials have endorsed the candidacy of Mayor Duterte and asking the Filipino voters to rally behind the presidential bid of Duterte.

The post went viral 9 hours after it was published by the page Bisaya Ako, proof of Mayor Duterte’s popularity in the social media.

In fact, as of Monday morning, the viral post has been shared 1676 times and liked 3200 times by the Duterte supporters.

The post has been receiving positive comments from the readers until one netizen claiming to be a Duterte supporter, made a comment that the photo appears to be edited.

As a result, the netizen who made antagonistic comment was subjected to name-calling and bashing from his fellow Duterte supporters.

Upon closer inspection, the photo appears legit, but when I did a simple photo verification using photo matching with the aid of Google, it turned out the “edited”comment was wrong.

BUT, somehow the netizen who made the antagonistic comment scored a point. The TRUTH is, the photo is not edited but the Bisaya Ako Page is to be blamed for misrepresenting the photos. Why? Read the caption first below.



The Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police Together with Religious People have Joined and Calling the Filipino People here and around the World to put Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in Presidential Seat this May 2016.
This will be the Start of a New Philippines.

A country Free from Corrupt Government Officials, Free from Criminals, and Free from Illegal Drugs.

Let’s Invest for the Future of our Children.

Here’s what I found after a quick investigation: The “holy mass” attended by the PNP officials, Army officers and Mayor Duterte was actually dedicated to mark the 40th day since the death of the so-called Fallen 44.

The mass was attended by the family of a fallen SAF member PO1 Lover L. Inocencio from Panabo City.

The photo is also old because the holy mass was celebrated by Davao Archbishop Romulo G. Valles sometime on March 5, 2015 at the San Pedro Cathedral.

The verdict? Fake. The post is clearly the handiwork of a group with vested interest riding on the popularity of Mayor Duterte or the scheming ways of the rivals of Mayor Duterte out to embarrass him in the eyes of the public. Read the original article here.

What can you say about this?

Source: CBCP

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