Viral post demands Trillanes to show vaccine card after claiming his children were vaccinated with Dengvaxia

Perhaps in an attempt to appease the angry public in light of the Dengvaxia controversy, Trillanes said his children were injected with the vaccine too.

Trillanes made the statement when confronted about his lukewarm attitude towards the issue of Dengvaxia while highly critical of the killings of minors in Duterte’s anti-drug war.

Trillanes complained that criticism in the Dengvaxia issue is uncalled for because his family is a victim too. But his appeal for sympathy has been met with cynicism on social media.

The Facebook post of a netizen named Jenny Duenas, in my opinion, perfectly captures the sentiment of netizens towards Trillanes’ statement regarding his children receiving Dengvaxia vaccine.

Excuse me.. his family should be out of this mess. We should respect that since he is the only one who goes gaga over the Dutertes but since he mentioned his children, let us now see if he is telling the truth.

According to this Sen. Trillanes during his recent conference in the US (where approximately 40 people attended and half of it are Pro Duterte) his children were also vaccinated with Dengvaxia. The girl named Thea goes to Ateneo de Manila University and the boy Francis , goes to La Salle University, did these Universities implement the vaccination of Dengvaxia to their students? Wether his Children had it in private hospitals, he is obliged to show us the vaccine card.

Who is lying here? Sobra na tong Senador na to. You think u can still brainwash people?

I will delete this post if he is telling the truth.

Urbano Pascual says Trillanes is playing the family card for sympathy. “There goes #familycard (using family)to gain sympathy..and wow from the outside ha?akala siguro di mabubukengkay ng taga loob ng Pilipinas..niyeta..yang gugulang ng mga anak niya na yan at taga elite school pa..(you mean mi mga lamok palang susyal din*double meaning*?)papasaksakan niya..surenesses ngaaaah??????”

JG Villaber says Trillanes is a liar and should never be taken seriously. “Never in the history of mankind that Trilliling will tell the truth…he is the lies that evolve into a dog in the likeness of human being..”

You may watch the video below.

Anak ni Trillanes, naturukan ng Dengvaxia!

Trillanes, sinabing naturukan daw ng Dengvaxia ang kanyang mga anak.

Halata yung mga Dilawan na nakapaligid! Pag against kay Trillanes yung tanong, nag re-react!

Posted by Filipino Vlog on Sunday, February 11, 2018

Source: Jenny Duenas

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