Viral post exhorts journalist to give Duterte a chance; nitpicking his English won’t help the country either

The “change” promised by Duterte during the election campaign has slowly been taking shape even before he assumes the Presidency.

Take for instance the case of drug pushers and addicts who have responded to the call of Duterte to change their ways, otherwise, he will apply the full force of the law against them.

You don’t need to be a Duterte supporter in the election to notice the intensified police operations against the illegal drug trade that netted several drug personalities around the country either captured alive or shot dead.

Anyway, let me direct your attention to the post of Sir Ira Panganiban below as he expressed his astute observations of what is happeneing around us, days before Duterte assumes his post as the highest leader of the land.

In a matter of days we will have president elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte taking on the Presidency.

But even before that day, we can feel the CHANGE taking place. Drug addicts and users all over the country have responded to the call of Duterte!

Then he called all the businessmen to a conference on how to pool their knowledge and resources to help run the economy, and admitting without hesitation that it was for the interest of the country since he was not an expert on economic matters.

For weeks chose his cabinet members personally to ensure that they would be the right person to do the job. It was indeed surprising and controversial to chose Gina Lopez to head the DENR!

While all this was happening, the MEDIA was looking into his style of dressing, his personal life, his not so perfect English manner of speaking.

Where is the so called responsible reporting? From day one, the mainstream Media has been biased to the point of being rude in their interviews, worst taking his comments and answers out of context!

Your attitude to the incoming President will not help the country achieve the much-needed change we hope to have. Remember he is the people’s choice, so let us give him a fair chance.

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Source: Ira Panganiban


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