Viral post explains why President-elect Duterte is always taken out of context by journalists

A viral post explaining why the President-elect Duterte is always taken out of context by journalists has been doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 500 times as of Friday evening, Mr. Ira Panganiban, Editor in Chief at Wheels Philippines Magazine offered two possible reasons why President-elect Rodrigo Duterte is always taken out context: 1. He does not speak clearly enough for the media to understand. 2. The media is deliberately misunderstanding him.

For a detailed explanation, please read the full text below.

If President Duterte is always taken out of context, then there are only two reasons why this is happening:
1. He does not speak clearly enough for the media to understand.
2. The media is deliberately misunderstanding him.
Sometimes the message is so unfamiliar, so out of the box, so radical that the minds of the messengers refuse comprehension simply because it is not what they expect to hear.
Most times the big media outfits deliberately misquote the President because he refuses to play ball with their power games. The big media, thinking they are so special, are appalled at a President who does not care for them.
Right now, the nation believes we are mostly bad guys out to get the President they voted in because media cannot seem to get their act together.

Sensational headlines are killing our credibility to the masses we always claim to serve.
And it does not serve anyone when media plays an “us against them” strategy.

Meanwhile, another netizen made an interesting reaction regarding President-elect Duterte’s relationship with the media.

President Digong’s press conferences are the opposites of the traditional presidential conferences that were couched in diplometese and legalese.. Suave and hypocrisy..!

This time around the Presidential Press Conferences appear like ‘storyahan’ on the affairs of the state… He speaks his mind without couching his views on the matter… Take it or leave it… It is views and opinions… The man is a lawyer and he knows what the law says and says not…

It may NOT go with our taste but surely Digong is more real than the usual sterile presidential conferences that dished slogans and hypocrisy!

I have watched them… and I got the laughter of my life.. The media getting the answers they ask for! Some preposterous questions get preposterous answers; some stupid questions got stupid answers; and some gregarious media got scolded and told gaga! Ha ha ha ha!

They are getting their match in President Digong! Oh if they cannot take it anymore… They can always leave anytime… and walk away!

We have a promdi news conference and I am enjoying it….

Bravo, Digong! I will love it more if you answer these questions in Cebuano.. and let these NCR media learn Cebuano!

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