Viral post of GMA News reporter draws flak from netizens, Duterte supporters

A GMA News reporter has earned the ire of netizens, especially the Duterte supporters, after posting a series of photos showing an empty EDSA.

The innocent-looking photos were posted by Raffy Tima in the morning of July 1, 2016, less than 24 hours after President Duterte assumed his post as the 16th President of the Philippines.

Mr. Tima wrote a caption to describe his photos in such a way that somehow angered the netizens that reads:

EDSA Northbound at 9:35AM. Change has come? Not really. Traffic got held up for the presidential convoy from Ortigas en route to Camp Crame.

Let us read the different reactions from netizens.

Dandan Pendon Batawan wrote:

I think..Mr. Tima is not acting as reporter…he is acting as activist!!! He keep on whining….still can’t move on yet for the catcalling issue. His such a bitter person and sarcastic one.

Enjay Gerbuyos wrote:

Hahaha! I saw the original post na. It was dumb as shit. 3 freaking days! For the love of me, this guy has some serious shit in life.

Champoi Operio Capistrano wrote:

Its not the traffic Mr.Tima-ng it’s personal for you….wag mo ng idaan sa qng ano anung kaletsehan pa…

Yvette Malahay-Kim wrote:

Used to respect him, but now its all down the drain… Buti pa si sec Martin Andanar…

Sebastian Mob wrote:

Raffy Tima separates from boys and men. I would categorize him as a whining baby instead.

Jennyrose Caballes Pantinople wrote:

I thought matatalino ang mga journalist? Paano nyo naisip that the traffic in manila can be solved in less than 48hrs? Grbe.. Alam mo yung kahit ano nalang ibato mo basta may maibato ka lang kahit nag mumukha kang tanga?

Dindo M. Englis wrote:

Mr. Tima, i thought you are a reporter! I just realized now that you are more of an asshole! Than a reporter! Dont act like you are somebody because you are not! No class ka. You want to throw a fight to 16m filipinos? Dont dare! You are one of the reasons why our country is into trouble. Bayarang media! Dont act like you are jessica soho dahil ni katiting wala pa kaming nakitang kalidad mo bilang reporter!

But wait! Here’s an open letter from Atty. Bruce Rivera giving Raffy Tima something to ponder on.

Dear Mr. Tima,

Yes, we get it. You are still angry because of the “catcalling” issue but is it really necessary to do this? PNoy said no to wang-wang but there was no serious threat to his life. Even his haters do not want to kill him.

But this time, our President is fighting a war that has all the means to fight back and kill him. He knows the threat to his life and he knows that some of the people presently kissing his ass are the very one out to destroy him. He knows very well that his enemies will go to the extent of destroying even his avid supporters to discredit him and everything he stands for.

So cut him some slack and leave the Filipino in peace not to worry about the safety of our President because a journalist is complaining about traffic in EDSA as if it was a rare occurrence. In fact, our President did not claim to fix the EDSA traffic in his term. He knows it is impossible. So quit on the nitpicking and just understand that we want our President alive to make good his promise.

Because in reality, I am used to the traffic in EDSA. That is why I avoid it. But I would rather worry about traffic than worry whether I am going to be alive if ever I traverse that road.

We ask but a little understanding.
Thank you.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera


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