Viral post of Kat de Castro recounts personal encounter with the legendary generosity of Mayor Duterte

If only the Philippine Presidential election is won by the number of positive testimonies posted online about a candidate free of charge, Mayor Duterte is the runaway winner.

Kat de Castro on Duterte

Many stories retelling the generosity of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte abound in the internet that netizens even coined a word to describe the phenomenon as “DuterteSerye,” reminiscent of the popular teleseryes patronized by the Filipino masa.

Recently, Kat de Castro, a TV personality and daughter of former Vice President Noli de Castro recounts how Mayor Duterte ran to their rescue without them asking the Mayor for help. But when the word of her family’s dilemma reached the ears of Bong Go and Mayor Duterte, help came unexpected.

The story was that her family was bound for Cotabato City to attend the funeral of her Uncle but their money was no good for all the rental vans in the Davao City airport, scared to travel at night to Cotabato City and were turned away.

Unbeknownst to Kat and her huge entourage, a private van sent by Mayor Duterte came to fetch them in the airport and brought them home safely to Cotabato City.

They arrived ahead of time to attend the early morning burial of her Muslim uncle.

Please read the full post below of Kat de Castro:

When my Uncle Nixon Sinsuat died yesterday, we panicked. Since he will be buried in Islam rites, we had to fly right away to pay our last respects. Being super traffic in Metro Manila, we won’t be able to make it to any direct flight to Cotabato City. Our best option was to fly to Davao City. We were expected to arrive at 7:30 pm. Aside from booking tickets for the entire Sinsuat family based in Manila, I was tasked to look for a van willing to travel the 5 hour route from Davao City – Cotabato City at night time. Anyone in Mindanao knows that traveling that route at night is not 100% safe. Understandably, not one van rental said yes to my request no matter how much I offered them.

Then Bong Go and Mayor Rody Duterte found out my problem. They immediately sent a private van for my family. As soon as we got out of the airport, the van was already there. When I asked how safe was the route, he said, “Don’t mind it. Your family needs to see your uncle one last time. God will be with you.” Almost all the check points along the way somehow knew we were on that route. We made it to Cotabato at 12:30am. My Uncle was buried at sunrise.

I know he does not like broadcasting his good deeds, but from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you Mayor Duterte and Bong Go. My Uncle was not a resident of Davao City yet you extended a helping hand. You guys understood our dilemma yesterday. You have done so much for our family and for that, we will be forever thankful. God bless you Mayor Duterte.

When my Uncle Nixon Sinsuat died yesterday, we panicked. Since he will be buried in Islam rites, we had to fly right…

Posted by Kat De Castro on Saturday, March 5, 2016

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