Viral post recalls “change is coming” encounter inside an FX taxi. MUST READ!!!

Do you believe that change is coming under a Duterte presidency? Well, this netizen thinks so.

A viral post recalling an inspiring encounter with an FX driver who teaches his passengers a thing or two about road discipline has been doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 21,800 times as of Wednesday morning, netizen Macky Valmonte published his story on May 11, 2016, two days after the election when Mayor Duterte has clearly come out as the winner in the presidential race.

In the post, the netizen recalled how the FX driver told his passengers when and where to alight properly from the FX taxi according to the traffic rules.

Mr. Valmonte wrote that he is happy knowing that the Filipinos who wants to see changes (discipline) in the country are the ones teaching their countrymen how to change themselves.

His point being is that change should start from within, not from an external influence or because of the new President.

Please READ the FULL text below:

Habang nasa FX on the way to work.

Girl: Kuya sa ever lang po.
Driver: Sandali lng po (with a happy tone)
Girl: Kuya dito lng po sa ever. (Mejo galit na tone)
Driver: Wait lng ate ah. Iba na kase gobyerno naten eh. Dito tayo sa tamang babaan.
(lahat napatingin sa driver)
Girl: Pwede na dito kuya?
Driver: Pwede na
Girl: Pwede dito bumaba? (Sa kaliwang pinto ng fx)
Driver: Dun lng po sa kabilang pinto. Kelangan na po kase naten sumunod sa batas.(happy tone pdn si kuya)
Sabay naalala ni kuya na may bababa din sa Shopwise (Tapat ng ever)
Driver: Miss, diba po shopwise po kayo?
Miss: Oo, pero dun pa, (sabay turo sa madilim na shed)
Driver: Ay bawal po tayo magbaba dun Miss, dito lng po talaga ang babaan.
Miss: Ah cge, sandali lng. (Binuksan ang pinto at bumaba)

Nakakatuwa na may mga pilipino na gusto talagang magbago ang pilipinas na sila mismo ang nagtuturo sa kapwa nila pilipino kung paano magbago. Wag isalalay at iasa lahat sa presidente. Dapat ikaw din mismo.

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