Viral post responds to Cynthia Patag’s ‘schizophrenia’ comment on Duterte: “Masyado ka nang binulag ng galit mo sa pangulo”

Cynthia Patag is in hot water again after implying that the President is schizophrenic via her Facebook post recently.

The aging actress posted the ‘schizophrenic’ comment on Duterte in the wake of the announcement made by the President that he will stop using cuss or slang words if it can be avoided after God talked to him while up on the plane from Japan to the Philippines. Check out her status post below on Facebook:

When we talk to God, it is prayer.
When God talks to us, it is schizophrenia.

The post from the aging actress elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

A commenter that goes by the name Kyle Reygel Perales did not hide his strong disapproval of Cynthia Patag’s foul comment against the President and wrote a lengthy post condemning the actress behavior.

Hi Cynthia Patag,

Masyado ka nang binulag ng galit mo sa pangulo. In the principle of reasoning your reason is invalid, lazy and disappointing. Thomas Edison once said “Only 5% of the population think”. Cynthia, where have you been all these days?

I feel obliged to enlighten you on how you view God. Ang ina-asta natin ay base sa kung anong idea meron ka about sa Lord.

I have some points to make.

1. We hear 4 voices in our head:
a. Your own voice
b. The voice of others
c. The voice of the devil
d. The voice of the almighty God.

What have you been listening Cynthia?

2. The voice of God is quite. The voice of God does not contradict to the Bible.

3. In the book of Old Testament the men of God like Moses, Noah and Joshua etc. they really talk to God. Their conversation to the Holy One is very personal as if God is in front of them. That’s the era of Old Testament.

4. Our generation today is part of the New Testament. Oo, Cynthia bago may book of Revelation tayo muna. Our generation is the era of the Holy Spirit. Before Jesus ascended to the Heaven he said on John 14:26 “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, who the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have told”.

5. When the Holy Spirit communicates to us he puts burden in our heart. It is not our physical ears that hear the voice of God, it is our heart. The Holy Spirit convicts, He exposes the condition of our heart through his word and circumstances.

Cynthia, this is what the president experienced on the plane. He is not delusional.

6. Cynthia, I am not pro-Duterte I am pro-Philippines. I am 23 years old, if our president envisions a drug free country, a nation of peace and prosperity regardless of his nasty mouth I am with him. I stand as young man of principle rooted from our cultural identity. I want a better Philippines for my children. Now here comes you with your poor judgement and analytics. Are you helping our nation Cynthia?

You are very old, your voice does not have substance anymore. Kinain kana ng sistema.

PS. Makinig kana lang sa podcast nila Thinking Pinoy and Sass Rogando Sasot matututo ka pa. Idagdag mo na rin sa reading list mo ang mga columns ni prof Antonio P. Contreras sa Manila Bulletin.

Or PM mo ako, I’ll share to you the goodness of Jesus.

Tonight Cynthia, I pray that the Holy Spirit will put burden in your heart just like what the president experienced. I declare and I decree in Jesus name.

Please share your thoughts on Cynthia Patag’s post by commenting below.

Source: Kyle Reygel Perales


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