Viral post scores Manilenos for decrying human rights violations but silent on injustices in Mindanao

While netizens assail the human rights record of the Duterte administration, one may wonder why the people down south are not joining the bandwagon in crucifying President Duterte.

Well, a viral post published recently by a Mindanaon will attempt to shed light why the people down south appear immune or do not seem to care at all about human rights thing that the people in Luzon are pre-occupied these days.

In fairness, the writer of the post expresses her willingness to join the cause of the Manilenos (Tagalogs) on social media in one condition – apologized for neglecting the plight of the Mindanaon people.

Please read the full text of the letter below.

Question: Do people up North, in Metro Manila specifically, understand that whether Duterte turns out to be a psychopath or a good leader, that it’s coming from the fact that the North left regions and especially Mindanao behind and that regardless of whether he turns out to be this or that, this vote is because the regions were left behind? That it’s a protest vote? That either way, we will still be able to say I Told You So? It’s your fault too?

Do they realize that knowing is one thing but understanding is another? That they will never know how it is for screams to not be heard? That what they fear now in their cities is what has been happening in Mindanao for decades and no one listened? That farmers get presented to the media as part of the NPA just because the army has a quota to reach? Last year the lumad walked from Mindanao to Malacañang and they were kept out. Fuck you. THE MINDANAO LAND HAS BEEN RAPED FOR DECADES and no one listened to the screams. Fuck you. PANIS NA ANG GALIT.

Do they understand that an apology from the capital is in order? An apology, before we can fight with you for human rights? You fight now because your cities are affected. What did you do when we were abused down south? What did you do when the lumad were fighting for stolen ancestral lands against government approved mining/logging projects? For government approved private armies? For drug empires killing off people and we don’t even know if it was the governor or a drug lord who did it? Bombings? When Sendong happened because illegal loggers got their way through corruption and eventually killed our mountains? Did you say anything? Busy with selfies, yeah? It was too far for you to care, yeah? Now that it’s invaded your comfort zones, your cities, your freedoms, only now do you speak. I conclude that you speak for yourselves in the guise of speaking for us. Goddamnit my cousin died last year in the midst of all this shit. Fuck you, system. Fuck you. Carton activism saying “We Could Be Next”? We were already NEXT so much longer before and you never said anything. DON’T TELL US SOMETHING WE ALREADY KNOW, IDIOT. File a case and you get killed by the time you get out of that building, way before all this shit happened now. Only now do you make a sound because your comfort zones are affected.

AN APOLOGY FROM YOU IS IN ORDER BEFORE WE CAN FIGHT TOGETHER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, FUCK YOU. Outside of Manila, what has been imposed on us is this: Manila is the Philippines. Tagalog (despite the language being useless in our own communities), opportunities, househelp in mainstream entertainment media, stereotyping tribes, token appreciation(we’re not stupid, you idiots),”Do you have a mall?” (You nincompoop!!!), Kpop over music of other local languages on music video channels like ‪#‎MYX‬??? and then these celebrities screaming Pinoy Pride but still making fun of the Aeta or brown skin in your stupid comedy shows??? Can’t even criticize Binay for his track record exceot for his color!!! And we complain when we are made fun of by other races? Jesus we’re racists too!!! Plus so many other things!!! Do you even know that we have languages (according to a language map!!!) and not dialects???

Jesus Christ can you get out of your bubbles and learn about the Philippines for what it actually is? My God.

And you call us regionalistic? THIS REGIONALISM IS YOUR FAULT TOO. FUCK YOU.

You want us to fight for human rights? Yes we will. We have been. BUUUUUUT. AN APOLOGY IS IN ORDER.

A Mindanaoan who also learned to be Visayan in the last 10 years speaking here.


Unsa, Mar pa more? Ataaaay ninyo mga hinampak moooo!!! Unsa’y Mar nga may pa’g mag Poe pa ko kay number 3 ka lang! Bogo imong mama ug naliwat ka sa imong mama atay!

Can’t understand the bisaya? That’s how we feel. Ask your Bisaya friends.

She ended her post with several hashtags: ‪#‎AnakMindanao‬ ‪#‎AnakVisayas‬ ‪#‎DupaRehiyon‬ ‪#‎PakYu‬ ‪#‎UtotNinyo‬ ‪#‎ImongLolo‬ ‪#‎YawaMo‬ ‪#‎Ipokrito‬ ‪#‎Pisti‬ ‪#‎bwisit‬ ‪#‎KaonTae‬

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