Viral post to Bam Aquino: PLEASE DEFINE PRESS FREEDOM in light of cousin Pnoy banning journalists for heckling?

Amid the noise created by the banning of Rappler’s Pia Ranada from the Malacanang beat, Sen. Bam Aquino lectured Duterte about being “open” to criticism.

Lifted from the GMA News article entitled: “Senators question Palace ban on Rappler reporter”, Sen. Bam Aquino said Malacanang must learn to respect opposing views. Link here.

“Malacanang must learn to respect dissenting views. Tama na ang pananakot sa mga hindi sumasang-ayon sa administrasyon.”

However Bam Aquino’s pontificating statement made the senator a huge target for counter-attack from pro-Duterte bloggers like Sass Rogando Sasot.

On Bam Aquino telling the Duterte government to learn to respect dissenting views, Sasot reminded the senator that dear cousin PNoy did worse than Duterte by blacklisting several foreign journalists for heckling?

Yes, former pres. Noy banned 9 HK journalists for heckling the Philippine president during a meeting of the APEC grouping held in Indonesia.

On Facebook, Sasot writes:


In 2012, the administration of Senator Bam Aquino’s cousin banned a “Jordanian journalist…from entering the country again for interviewing Abu Sayyaf bandits without informing local authorities.” (see:

In 2013, Senator Bam Aquino’s cousin found “Apec host Indonesia’s treatment of Hong Kong journalists who shouted questions at him “appropriate”, saying he would have done the same in a similar situation.” (see:

In 2014, blacklisted NINE Hong Kong journalists from entering the Philippines after they questioned PNoy “aggressively about whether he had met Hong Kong leaders over the deaths of eight visitors from the former British colony in a 2010 bus siege” (see: The ban was of course lifted.

Senator Bam Aquino was silent about fighting for press freedom during those times. But now he is lecturing the Duterte administration about being “open” to criticisms. How fetching. ;)”

Sasot’s Facebook post has gathered 1,647 shares, 4,400 reactions and 238 comments and counting.

Netizen Zack Alexi Alejo slammed Bam Aquino, calling him “dense” and “hypocrite”.

Kapal!!! ang lakas magsalita ng PRESS freedom at Kunwari concern na concern sa democracy pero kapag sila ang gumawa ng ganyan ok lng at pwede.
#DilawanLegacy = Double Standards

Netizen Fely Donos mocked Bam Aquino and writes: “Booom! Boomerang din Kay Bam..Hindi kasi marungo mag isip..Ma internet na! Huwag na parang bata mag salita..lahat na pinagsasabi at ginagawa pwede na mabalik-balik ika refresh..Kaya be responsible politician..”

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