Viral post warns of Duterte ouster plan disguised as call to install Cory Aquino as saint rally

Heard of Cory for sainthood movement? A post warns the public not to fall for it because its part of the plan to oust Duterte & install Leni as the next president.

On Sunday, January 08, 2017, the Facebook page Community Newswatch PH shared the photos of yellow t-shirts imprinted with ‘Cory Aquino Saint of Democracy’ phrase.

According to Community Newswatch PH post, the ‘Cory Aquino Saint of Democracy’ shirts were being sold in Seafood City, Chicago, USA.

The post alleged that there is more than meets the eye with the ‘Cory Aquino Saint of Democracy’ t-shirts.

The plan is to rally support to make Cory Aquino a saint, then turn it into a big anti-Marcos rally.

When the critical mass is reached,  they will turn the protest into a Duterte ouster movement and install, you know who, as the next president.

It seemed there is a well-orchestrated plan to oust President Duterte by making people fall into the call of Cory as Saint of Democracy and eventually ask the people’s support to join Anti-Marcos Rally but the real issue is to remove President Duterte and ask VP Leni Robredo to replace and lead the country.

The Facebook page alleged that the vice president is deeply involved in the Duterte ouster plot.

“It is very clear the office of the vice president is engaged in an activity for any ouster plot against President Duterte,” the post said.

The post has garnered more than 4,000 shares, 1,000 comments and over 4,000 reactions on Facebook, four hours after it was published.

A quick browse of the comments in the Facebook thread reveals anger towards the people behind the plot to oust Duterte in the guise of an equally revolting proposition – making Cory Aquino, a saint.

Keez Haru reacts: Saint? Are you kidding!. What she did is to be a human puppet. The democracy is won by the people and not only by one person! Give the credit to the millions of Filipinos that joined the martial law before. Her husband died because of their own relatives. She know who killed Ninoy but she did not act to solve the case and now they’re calling her “Saint”. THINK STRAIGHT AND ENOUGH WITH THIS NONSENSE BLAB.

Vergie Corpuz Caponhag  says: Ha saint na pala si cory ano ba ang nagawa nya. Yong pagpalayas kay marcos saint na? Amazing ha . sino ang nag binyag na saint ang yellowhan . bang bwahahahaha santa pa oruy pwede mahiya naman kayo?

Gregg Palad writes: Seriously? Saint of democracy? PAk ganern? I say Cori was just used by her relatives for their own selfish interests! Things worsened under her admin and thus began a dark period of deceit and corruption. Did she build any infrastructure projects during her time?

Meanwhile, a netizen hiding behind the handle ‘Poor Man’s Fortune’  told the OP to take a second look at the printed text on the t-shirt because it appears he/she got it all wrong.

Have you read the printed message on the shirt? It says “Saint of Democracy” not a saint of any religious groups, organizations and even beliefs. Grew up from political immaturity.

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