Viral: The touching conversation between a taxi driver & a foreigner who admires Duterte

A viral post about the touching conversation between a taxi driver and a foreigner who did something unexpected for Duterte is doing the rounds online.

taxi drivers touching conversation with a foreigner

Credits Jun Quibranza

In a Facebook post shared more than 8300 times, a netizen named Jun Quibranza published the touching conversation between him and his foreigner passenger on April 1, 2016.

In the post, the netizen revealed that foreigner passenger happened to be a Duterte believer but because a foreigner is prohibited from meddling local politics, he just asked his employees to vote for Duterte in secret.

The innocent conversation started when the foreigner passenger noticed the Duterte baller on the taxi driver’s wrist and asked him if he is campaigning for Duterte even before they settled comfortable in their seats.

Mr. Quibranza wrote that he had the impression based on the tone of the foreigner’s voice that the latter have learned to love the country he called home for 44 years while doing business in the country.

Why does the foreigner believe in Duterte? This is what he has to say.

I have seen how this country has deteriorated. The people has disregarded discipline. And to add to the problem, they seem to fail in choosing the right leaders every election. They sell their votes and this is a sad story.

But wait! Read the entire story below to know the biggest twist in the conversation that left many netizens teary-eyed.

“So are you campaigning for Duterte?”, he asked in his deep baritone voice.

He was a passenger I picked up yesterday. Obviously, he saw the baller I was wearing. I tried to compose myself while taking a deep breath as I tried to search for words. He intimidated me right from the moment he stepped out of the hotel for he was a tall man. A foreigner. His posture told me that he was a man of influence.And his voice and manner of speaking can send chills down one’s spine if he wanted too.

“Yes sir”. I tried to keep it brief and responded as respectful as I can.
And then I heard him say the question I least wanted to hear. At least from him. “Why?!”

“Well… not only because he is a visayan but I think…” and gave him my reasons.”

“And what about the his reputation on the killings?”, he followed up.

At this point I was already a bit uncomfortable and so I looked at him through the rear view mirror and asked, “are you a lawyer sir?”.

I wanted to discuss about the failure of the five Pillars of justice in our country and the least I would like to do is to sound preaching to a lawyer. Especially to this big hunk of a man such as him.

I was afraid that he might be a “Poeist”, “Roxist”, or worse a “Nogist”. I heard Nognog hired a battalion of lawyers at the most premium of fees to help ensure his victory. At least in his dreams.

“No!”, he answered in his deep baritone voice.

And so I started to discuss on the topic of the failure of the five Pillars of Justice in the Philippines.
The words he said caught me by surprise.

“I am also supporting Duterte”, he said. “You see I am a foreigner and have lived in this beautiful country for the past 44 years.” he exclaimed. His tone and manner of speaking at this point sounded more nationalistic and sincere than a presidential wannabe who I deem as an opportunistic parasite of a political prostitute.

“If given the chance to live my life again and choose a country, I will definitely choose the Philippines”.

Now his voice started to mellow as if he was becoming a little emotional. “I have seen how this country has deteriorated. The people has disregarded discipline. And to add to the problem, they seem to fail in choosing the right leaders every election. They sell their votes and this is a sad story.”

“I see in Duterte a light at the end of the tunnel. I pray that he wins and pray that he is able to really fix our problems”, he added….

“Although I cannot support him openly because I also have my business interest to protect. I ask my people to support him. I hope Roxas and his PCOS machines will not cheat Duterte. The Duterte fever can be felt even in our place in Baguio. It is so real I tell you! The people are fed up. And I am afraid that if they rig this election. There might be a civil war.”

I helped him with his luggage while he went to get a trolley. Now I realize that the bigger luggage I saw the bell boys loaded at my trunk was a golf club set.

“What’s your handicap?”, I asked while loading his stuff on the trolley. “Seven!”, he answered with a smile.
And then his demeanor suddenly changed. It became serious and yet assuring.

“Can you do me this favor?”, he asked. He got his wallet and pulled out a P1,000.00 bill. “The next time you guys gather to campaign, can you please buy some snacks for your team”.

At this point, tears started to well up in my eyes. For it is such a beautiful feeling to witness a foreigner’s patriotic act for a country he loves so much. Though not his, he treated it like his own.

We shook hands as I thanked him, of course on behalf of Mayor Duterte.

And as I was about to put the bill in my breast pocket, I cannot. It felt weird. I mean putting money for a Duterte’s campaign inside my personal pocket made my hair stand. It doesn’t feel right.

I guess it would have been different if I was supporting Nognog. It is second nature for him to put other people’s money in his own pocket. In fact in his own bank accounts.

And by the way, maybe Mrs. Llamanzares can learn a lesson or two from the foreigner. Maybe she can go home to the USA. Stay there to love and serve that country that has accepted her. Otherwise, you really are one ungrateful creature of God compared to this guy.

And in fairness, he said Roxas can be in government, but just a cabinet post. Since he is not fit for the job. In his humble opinion.

Thank you Mr G. Your witness helped continue to fuel this fire in my heart to see that this battle we are fighting is done and with Duterte ending up victorious. Para sa bayan natin Mr. G.

"So are you campaigning for Duterte?", he asked in his deep baritone voice. He was a passenger I picked up yesterday….

Posted by Jun Quibranza on Sunday, April 3, 2016

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