Viral: Tungawan cop plays good Samaritan to stranded old woman

A viral photo of a policeman playing good Samaritan to an old woman has gone viral since it was posted yesterday by a netizen from Basilan.

According to Ronda del Basilan, the old woman took the bus in Zamboanga City, hoping to reach Pagadian City with 50 pesos in her wallet. Pagadian is some 268 km away from Zamboanga City.

According to my quick research, the bus fare from Zamboanga City to Pagadian City is more or less 370 pesos (aircon bus) and 320 pesos (non-aircon bus). Travel time from Zamboanga City to Pagadian City is 7 hours.

However, before the old woman could reach her destination the bus conductor dropped the old woman in Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay when they realized she could not pay the full bus fare.

Tungawan Zamboanga Sibugay is located 110 km away from Zamboanga City. The distance between Zamboanga City and Pagadian City according to Google Map is 268 km. Check the screenshot below to get an idea:

Zamboanga City to Pagadian City

Zamboanga City to Pagadian City

Fortunately, a kind policeman from Tungawan Police who happened to be at the right place at the right time and met the old woman.

Realizing the old woman was hungry, the policeman in the picture below breathed life into the PNP motto, “to serve and to protect” by feeding the starving old lady.

policeman plays good Samaritan

Credits to Ronda del Basilan

In addition, the good Samaritan policeman of Tungawan MPS paid for the bus fare so she could continue with her journey to Pagadian City.

The policeman won the praises and admirations of thousands of netizens who found the post.

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