Viral video slams Duterte critics, rallyists, oppose to Duterte’s war on drugs, Marcos burial

A viral video of a netizen expressing his personal opinion on various issues like the war on drugs and the Marcos burial is making the rounds online.

The Facebook Page “All about the Philippines” posted the video yesterday of an unknown individual who expressed his sentiment on various issues being raised by the critics of President Duterte.

The spontaneous interview was done inside a moving car by a colleague or a friend as their driver tried to wriggle out of the notorious Philippine traffic.

The subject poured out his emotion while his companion put him on the hot seat.

He said he would take a President who is an action man any day like Duterte than a President who is not only corrupt but will turn a blind eye to the illegal drug trade.

Likewise, he also expressed his support of Duterte’s stance on the Marcos burial. He said, since Duterte is the President, it is his prerogative to allow the Marcos burial and echoed Duterte’s argument that the Marcos burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani stands on legal grounds by virtue of the former strongman’s capacity as a former soldier and a president of the republic.

The video has been generating positive feedback from netizens.

As of Wednesday morning, the video has been viewed more than 80,000 times and counting.

Aldrin Balasangay Dulpina says:

Mkinig nlng kaya tau sa namumuno satin ngaun para maranasan ntin ung dusiplina ….kc puro nlng kontra tayo eh….khit sino nkaupo sa pwesto may kontra…kaya di umuunlad ang pilipinas…

Joven Manucduc says:

Tama naman eh! Anong pipiliin natin? Puro pangako at kurakot!? O nagmumura Sa galit pero May isang salita at may pagbabago Sa Pilipinas!?

Cynthia Ferrer says:

Ahahaha!! Love Kita Kuya! Totoo lahat NG sinabi mo….gusto Ko yung…noon kayo nakaupo ayaw nyo ipalibing…Tapos ngayon Hindi Na ayaw nyo pa din!!😂😂

Mercy Echon says:

Yesss! I am agree with u. That’s a reality. Very simple para wala ng gulo. Move On lahat!! Ang kapatawaran ng bawat isa. Let us make our heart’s GREAT. Para tayo’y patawarin ng Diyos Ama.

-Bravo si kuyang nagbigay ng opinyon sa isyu sa PINAS ngaun… big clap sayo kuya…sana lahat ng pilipino katulad mong mag-isip para makamit natin ang totoong pag-unalad.#Duterte ang may tunay na malasakit sa PILIPINAS lalo ng sating mga PILIPINO


Posted by All about the Philippines on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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