Vivian Velez shares open letter of netizen addressed to LTFRB amidst Grab, Uber brouhaha

In light of the brouhaha created by the LTFRB crackdown on car-sharing companies like Uber and Grab car, their patrons took to Facebook to express dismay.

Mark Lopez, a social media blogger, blame LTFRB for the birth of such companies because of their incompetence and lack of foresight.


Do you really want to mess up and inconvenience the riding public because of your arbitrary and protectionist stance against UBER GRAB and other ride sharing facilities?

Even if we assume that you are carrying out your mandate, is it really difficult to come up with a better alternative than your simplistic approach to the problem?

Whose interests really are you protecting?

Or disregarding?

Frankly, the growth of this digital alternative is primarily your own doing. If you have done your job well in upholding the interest of the public, we would not be in this conundrum…

If only you have elevated your standards to ensure that regular taxis and PUVs come close and approximate these most preferred mode of transportation, there will be no uprising.

As it is, this issue will now go beyond your grasp.

And you will have a lot to answer to the people.

Alan Tolentino remarked: “We need Grab or Uber against poorly maintained and taxi with some not all abusive driver. Is there somebody lobbying at LTFRB to abolish uber and Grab…we are going using technology…LTFRByou want us to go back to the cave. You are not for riding public but you are for the interest of the operator of taxi.? Just asking lang.”

Julius Dennis wrote: “Did #LTFRB spout this idiocy? Do they fully understand the words coming out of their lips?
Uber and Grab are like 10million times safer than any public vehicle these days…”

Victor Caruzca Gonzales said: “Yes!!! Well said Sir Mark Lopez. Uber and Grab the only transport system that can address perfectly the transport problem during peak hours without creating additional traffic volume and pollution. Take note LTFRB that since most of the Uber and Grab vehicles are driven by working individuals it (the vehicles) are in garage or parking area during lul hrs and will only come out in the streets during peak hrs.”

Your remark?

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