Vivian Velez tells G. Tongi: “Remember your roots, girl!”, then drops intriguing hashtags #checkpointbabe #AngelesCity

Remember the viral video wherein former actress G. Toengi questioned Mocha’s qualification other than being a sex blogger in a press conference?

When Mocha Uson heard about G. Tongi raising a hoot of her MTRCB appointment, she didn’t waste a second and posted a response on her Facebook page to silence the former actress.

Mocha Uson told G. Tongi that her line of questioning is not meant to seek an intelligent response but questioning the wisdom of President Duterte’s decision. Click the link here to see Mocha’s rebuttal.

Across the Pacific Ocean, G. Tongi just read Mocha Uson’s blog post and responded that she won’t dignify Mocha’s rant on Facebook because the issue is so beneath her. As of this writing, G. Tongi had already deleted the status post.

However, some unknown netizen grabbed a screenshot of her post and shared it online.

Moving back to the Asian side of the Pacific Ocean, G. Tongi’s elitist attitude towards Mocha Uson did not sit well with veteran actress Ms. Vivian Velez and took to Facebook thrash talking to Ms. Tongi.

Some publicity hungry, hypocritical and intellectual wanna be, pretending not to care host just placed herself (yes, she placed herself intently and intentionally) right at the back of the most popular Filipino internet figure, hollering, “giddiyap! Let’s go!” Another Blue passport holder biatch that makes her believe that she is all knowing and superior than any of us.

Towards the end of her post, Ms. Velez told G. Tongi to stop playing hypocrite and it is unbecoming of her. The veteran actress then dropped cryptic hints about Ms. Tongi’s past using the hashtags.

Remember your roots, girl! Di ba, Peter Flores Serrano? hahaha then #hypocrite #starlet #Fieldsbaby #checkpointbabe #AngelesCity

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