Vivian Velez’s reveals Jim Paredes’s mom connection to group ‘Light A Fire Movement’ that carried out several bombings in Metro Manila

On Facebook, Vivian Velez said something about Jim Paredes’s mom being a member of the Light A Fire Movement to explain Jim’s behavior in the viral video.

So what if Jim’s mom being a member of the Light A Fire Movement and what this has to do with Jim’s behavior in the viral video?

So I read the link that Ms. Velez shared and a couple of other sources online and I must admit, this is the first time I’ve heard about the group that carried out several bombings, 20 to be precise in Metro Manila in 2 months that killed an American woman who was not evacuated when the bomb planted by the group in Rustan’s exploded.

In 1980, the Light A Fire Movement, carried out a series of bombings around Metro Manila. The targets included a floating casino owned by the Romualdez, the Comelec Buliding, Sulo Hotel, a factory owned by the Puyat family and Plaza hotel.

No casualties were reported because the group allegedly informed the target hours ahead to give them enough time to evacuate. The group’s purpose of bombing these establishments was to embarrass the Marcos government in the West. Sounds familiar?

According to the Manila Times, “on September 12, 1980, bombs went off in Metro Manila, one badly damaging Rustan’s mall in Makati. The explosion at Rustan’s injured 70 people and killed an American tourist.”

Less than a month later, more blasts rocked Metro Manila hitting Philippine Plaza, Century Park Sheraton, and Manila Peninsula hotels.

On October 19, 1980, the group detonated an explosive at the PICC while President Marcos was addressing an international conference of the American Society of Travel Agents.

Prominent Filipino politicians and personalities were allegedly involved in the group, including a Greek-American who got married to Precy Lopez of the influential Lopez clan who owned ABS-CBN and other big companies in the Philippines.

Heherson Alvarez, Raul Daza, Bonifacio Gillego, Charles Avila and Jim Paredes’s mother Ester Jimenez completes the name of the notable members of the group.

The core group of the Light-A-Fire Movement was arrested while meeting in Quezon City. Among them were businessman Eduardo Olaguer, AIM professor Gaston Ortigas and a 60-year-old Ester Jimenez, mother of Jim and Ducky Paredes. They were all convicted and sentenced to die by electric chair in 1984. They were never carried out by Pres. Marcos.

When Cory Aquino replaced Marcos in 1986, the United States government wanted to indict several members of the Light A Fire Movement in connection with the death of an American lady tourist who died in Rustan’s bombing but decided not pursue the case.

The answer lies in the New York Times article dated December 15, 1988 written by Katherine Bishop.

“After the indictment was drafted, Justice Department officials told the United States Attorney, Joseph P. Russoniello, that the State Department was concerned that the new Aquino Government would be embarrassed if its allies in Washington pressed charges against the officials. These concerns are expressed in notes from a meeting at the Justice Department on Aug. 25, 1986, six months after Mrs. Aguino’s inauguration. The notes were discussed at a court hearing last October Only One Is Arrested An indictment was finally filed in December 1986, but the only people named were two naturalized American citizens, Steven E. Psinakis and Charles Avila, who now live in the Philippines. They are charged with conspiracy and interstate transportation of explosives in 1981.” [New York Times]

Below is the full text of Vivian Velez’s Facebook post:

Meron hugot kasi… Jim keeps harping about the EJK or the people who died from drugs when his own mother was very much part of the LIGHT A FIRE MOVEMENT along w/ Steve Psinakis. They were responsible for bombing different establishments here including the old Philippine Plaza where innocent people died. This was where Nonoy Zuñiga lost his leg! Guess who pardoned her mother when she got jailed? Cory… So how can he talk about killing the innocent when his own mother has blood on her hands!

Your thoughts, please!

Source: NYT, The Manila Times, Rogue.Ph

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