Vlogger to former ABS-CBN reporter Charie Villa in open letter – OMG! Are you a journalist who avoids accountability for your posts?

An open letter addressed to former ABS-CBN News reporter who shared a list of what she called fake news peddler on Facebook has been making the rounds on Facebook.

The open letter writer is none other than vlogger and writer RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy.

Thinking Pinoy or TP for short was prompted to write an open letter after the former ABS-CBN reporter Ms. Charie Villa edited her original FB post by adding “CTTO” to her original post.

While this simple edit appears to be harmless to the untrained eye, Thinking Pinoy pounced on this because according to his book, Ms. Charie Villa is showing signs of copping out. Meaning, Ms. Charie Villa has suddenly turned cold feet.

In that regard, Thinking Pinoy drove home his point by asking a barrage of questions to establish his hypothesis that Ms Charie Villa is playing Pontius Pilate and can’t stand what she herself posted.

Thinking Pinoy can’t help but ask if someone like Ms. Charie Villa posted unverified information? Otherwise, if she really stand by that what she posted isn’t fake news, there is no point of doing the Pontius Pilate act and attribute it to someone else.

Thinking Pinoy asked Ms. Charie Villa if she edited her post because of jitters? Or she does not like accountability?

Thinking Pinoy ended the open letter by asking if Ms. Charie Villa if she is a journalist who avoid accountability for her post?

Dear former ABS-CBN News reporter Charie Villa,

You were so confident about your post earlier today yet several hours after your post’s publication, you CHANGED the caption from “Here is a list of fake news peddlers. Beware.”, to “Beware, ctto xxx”.

Playing Pontius Pilate? You can’t stand by what you yourself posted? Are you telling me that someone like you posted unverified information? If you really know that what you posted isn’t a falsehood, why wash your hands and attribute it to someone else?

Kinabahan? You don’t like accountability?

OMG! Are you a journalist who avoids accountability for your posts?

Grabbed from the FB of Charie Villa

In case you don’t know, Atty. Darwin Canete who is included in the list has already issued a statement announcing his plan to take Ms. Charie Villa to court for the said post.


Source: Thinking Pinoy

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