VP Inday Sara’s thank you message to PBBM for the PAW chopper causes an uproar on Twitter, loyal Duterte supporter debunks critics arguments

VP Inday Sara Duterte has been drawing flak on Twitter from the Kakampink supporters because of an FB post thanking PBBM for lending her a chopper from the 250th Presidential Airwing Lift so that wherever she may be found in the country during the day, she is home in time to tuck my children to bed.

The Kakampinks misunderstood VP Inday Sara’s post big time, thinking she goes home to Davao City after her VP/DepEd Sec duties to be with her family and then fly again to Manila the following morning to report for duty, courtesy of the PAW chopper.

Here are some of the comments of the critics lifted from twitter.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu is back with vengeance from FB suspension!

Ms. Chu wasted no time in defending VP Sara Duterte from critics on Twitter by demolishing their line of arguments one after the other.

Basically, Ms. Chu responded to the 5 common issues raised by the critics of the Vice President, employing wit and humor for greater audience impact.

Ms. Chu began by busting the number 1 issue raised by VP Inday Sara’s critics that she flies home to Davao via PAW chopper after her VP and DepEd Sec duties are done for the day. According to Ms. Chu, VP Inday’s kids are now based in Manila.

Chu went on to lecture the critics what the PAW helicopters can and can’t do. Of course, she did not forget to remind VP Inday Sara’s critics the distance between Manila and Davao City and flying home everyday via chopper to Davao City is not impossible but not pleasurable and doable in terms of cost.

As of this writing, Ms. Chu’s FB post has 20,280 reactions, 1,800 comments and 600 shares in 7 hours since posting and counting.

You may now read Ms. Krizette Chu’s original FB post below now.

1. VP Sara’s kids are in Manila na.

2. When she said “Thank you PBBM for allowing me the use of PAW so I can tuck my kids to bed and fly home wherever I am,” it means wherever she is, she can fly back to base. And that base is Manila.

3. MGA SHUNGA. Hindi kaya ang chopper from Davao to Manila. Mga hampaslupang walang chopper. Alam nyo bang halos 2 hours by plane ang Davao to Manila? So Ilang years sa chopper si Sara? Pag katapos ng isang trip from Manila to Davao, bingi na sya.

4. A full fuel for helicopters is only 4 hours on average. Mga hampalsupang walang chopper. The usual PAW helicopter at most can do 4 hours.

Distance between Davao and Manila is 1,500 km. A Bell can only do 600 km per full tank. Ano yun, mag swimming si Sara sa kalagitnaan? Tapos 8 hours sya sa helicopter plus refueling pa in between every day para makauwi? Ano sya, si Leni na di marunong mag Math?

4. So if her day trip brings her to Leyte, dapat dun sya magpapa lipas ng gabi? Baka gusto nyo din sa classroom nalang sya matulog sa mga bibisatahin nyang school.

5. Ano ngayon kung taxes nyo ang ginagamit nya to travel around? So gusto nyo her and her entire entourage and her guards stay wherever she is.? Mga shunga mas mahal pa yan dahil she has to stay in hotels and feed an entire team, kesa umuwi sya ng Manila where her offices for DepEd and VP are. Palibhasa mahilig kayo mag antay ng bus sa hindi antayan ng bus.

Ay nakaka post na ako. Time to ban me again.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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