VP Leni Robredo: Ely, ang nagpepedle naman ng fake news ay talagang fake news peddler yon

On Facebook, international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot shared yet another headache-inducing, eyebrow-raising moment of Leni Robredo has gone viral.

Sasot wrote:

Mamshie!!!!! May bago ka na naman…

In the video, Robredo was telling her co-radio host Ka Ely that people peddling fake news are no doubt fake news peddler.

As expected, Leni Robredo’s latest gaffe is keeping Leni Robredo in the limelight, albeit for the wrong reason.

Marami ngang educational achievements pero daig pa sya ng sinasabi nilang may “pekeng diploma” pagdating sa communications. All time fave laughingstock of the whole universe. 😵#TheNerve

Mygahd! Leni just can’t help herself. No wonder her PR team had worked hard over the years to create a brand-new persona for her A lady who is intelligent, graceful, and humble. Kaya lng mahirap ibenta because the real Leni always comes out when left on her own. 😧😬

I love following & watching Leni. Acting like she knows everything and understand what’s going on….at least it’s a free comedy. Take away the camera and her circus will be over right away.-nothing personal about Leni. I think she’s a good mother to her daughters. But just like other opposition politicians-they’re no good. In honesty~~Robredo and the opposition are bench player and a spectator at the same time. Taga butas ng bangko.…

The Splice Queen of 1700 Islands of the Philippines strikes again! My good nerve! 🤣

Alam ko na motto ni Mamshie: “More entries = More chances of winning” 😂😂😂

Guiness world of records of ‘politician who talks no sense everytime she opens her mouth’ panalong panalo yan talaga.

Keep them on coming for our entertainment Leni! Kung may erap jokes nun; let us enjoy yours this time.

Iniisip ko talaga kung ito manalo, ilang oras kaya aabutin ng SONA nya at makakaikang ikot ikot ng salita/phrase sya bago makatapos. Tapos ang ending natin, sabay sabay magtatanungan ng, “Anung sinabi nya!?”

Araw araw minu minuto na lang, self-destruct, lutang!!!! Diyos ko po, kaawaan tayo big time….not for a president…


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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