VP Leni Robredo’s photo in Luneta Park Independence Day flag-raising ceremony sparks heated debate on social media!

A photo of VP Leni Robredo saluting to the Philippine flag during the Independence Day rites in Luneta Park has stirred a heated debate on social media.

The photo was posted by netizen Ons Lino Reyes on Facebook, today at 12:10 noon.

Reyes remarked that according to his knowledge, it’s only the President shall give the salute during the flag ceremony.

He wondered if Leni has the benefit of an adviser.

Presidente lang ang alam ko na dapat na Saludo sa Flag raising Ceremony..Wala bang Adviser etong si Leni? Eng Eng talaga.

Was Reyes correct?

Let us refer to RA 8491 for our guidance. [Link here]

“SEC. [21] 19. FLAG-RAISING CEREMONY – During the flagraising ceremony, the assembly shall stand in formation facing the flag. At the moment the first note of the anthem is heard, everyone in the premises shall come to attention; moving vehicles shall stop. All persons present shall place their right palms over their chests, those with hats shall uncover, while those in military, scouting, security guard, and citizens military training uniforms shall give the salute prescribed by their regulations, which salute shall be completed upon the last note of the anthem.

Meanwhile, netizens slams Robredo for showing her one’s respect to the flag with a salute during the Luneta Park Independence Day celebration which some netizens find inappropriate.

Jet Sepe: “Kung ang VP eh retired military then he/she can salute… VP has no direct chain of command kaya di dapat… Ang VP ika nga eh high profile istambay sa gobyerno…”

Mhike Sugano: “Commanding in chief at military lng ang pwedeng magsaludo sa flag..hehe”

Noime Cinco: “Feeling nya cya ang president e fake vice namn….”

David Yabo: “Hahahahahaha,.bat nag salute yan…ngayyn ko lang alam na president lang ang mg salute during flag ceremony.”

Ador Austero: “Gusto nya ng maging presidente nag mamadali nga kaya ng gusto nipang mapaalis si pangulong diterte sa pag ka presidente kaya gumagawa sila ng establisasyon”

Tess Busa: “Ay sumobra katangahan o pakitang tao sa mga nakakakita feeling niya bobo mga tao ,kapal talagang nag fefeeling talaga ambisyosang frog”

Meanwhile on Twitter, the likes of Agot Isidrom and Florin Hilbay heap praises on Robredo.

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