VP Robredo draws flak on FB for allegedly partying while nation mourns in the wake of Davao bombing?

While the nation is mourning in the wake of the Davao blast killing scores of people, VP Robredo was allegedly partying somewhere with old school pals in Naga City.

According to the caption that came with the post of an unidentified website, VP Robredo allegedly requested the partygoers not to take photos of the VP. But in the age of social media, someone defied the request and posted it online.

How true is this claim that amid the public mourning over the Davao disaster and while the President poured over security details with his staff and took the time to visit the victims and investigate the bombing site, the VP was allegedly busy partying with her former schoolmates in Naga? Early on, party goers were requested not to take photos of the VP. But in the age of selfies and social media, who could stop them?

Let us check out how the critics of VP Robredo reacted to the alleged partying by taking a sampling of the comments on FB.

Dr. Antonio Contreras says:

So if this is true, while Davao burns, and the President is busy ministering to the wounded and the orphaned, and while social media and the social fabric is being rent asunder by engaged partisans from both sides, Mrs. Robredo was busy partying. How nice.

Ruli MC says:

if this report is verified, then one could think that the FAKE VP really has NO INTENTION of helping the FIlipinos. di pa naka-sink sa kanya ang “panalong” natikman nya sa tulong ng mga YELLOW CULT members …

Nelson Uy says:

Nag saya saya sila at rejoicing kasi they know it is coming hehehehehe nag party party tapos nag davao din after para sa pictorial with the victims in the hospital, kasi dapat makita ng UN at USA that she is very concerned about the incident and the victims at hindi lang puro party party hehehehe….

Judith Santos says:

Sarap ng buhay ng lola paparty party na lng….remember KARMA is around the cormer VP Robredo:-)

Oziled Eladohr says:

Kaya pala wala sya sa oras ng pagluluksa ng sambayanan. Nasa party pala nagpapakasaya! Ang galing talaga ng fake vice na para sa laylayan daw!

Efren May Solas says:

Mahilig lng tlaga sa party mga LP,,kau nmn…masyado madumi mga isip..

Roseller Cruz Garcia says:

That’s my kind of VP. 😡 Party all night long. 🎉Don’t not worry be happy. 😂. Let others worry while she does what is best for her because she thinks only the president is concern and she is just waiting for Pres. Duterte to die. Let’s just pray for the President to live longer than them.

Jing Creo says:

WTF!!!! Masyadong insensitive itong PUTANG LENI NA ‘to!!!!

In fairness to VP Robredo, she visited the hospital in Davao City where the victims of the bombing were confined.

Credits to Showbiz Government

Credits to Showbiz Government

However, the smiling VP Robredo in the photo with the bombing victim did not escape the attention of netizens and got bashed again!

Shie Dee says:

Bumisita naman pala, pangisi ngisi lang…

Showbiz Government says:

“Peace be with you”, daw?

Hindi nyo masisisi kung walang amor sa kanya mga tao. Unang una, instead na i denounce yung nangyaring bombing sa Davao, una sya mga nag comment about the state of lawless violence na dineklara ng Pangulong Duterte. Against na naman daw ito sa human rights. Tapos biglang nandyan siya.

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Source: Dr. Antonio Contreras


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