VP Sara Duterte’s savage rebuttal to former Bayan Muna Rep. Eufemia Cullamat’s statement draws praise from socmed influencers, netizens

So what did exactly former Bayan Muna Representative say about VP Sara Duterte wearing a Lumad attire during the first SONA of President Bongbong Marcos Jr?

Basically, Eufemia Cullamat said everybody is welcome to borrow their Lumad attire blah. blah. But, VP Sara must recognize their rights and advocacies.

According to Cullamat, VP Sara wearing the Lumad attire is nonsense and just for show because she red-tagged the students and teachers of the Lumad schools. Cullamat accused VP Sara Duterte of terrorizing and evicting the Lumads in their sanctuary in Davao City.

As predicted, VP Sara did not take Cullamat’s remarks sitting down and immediately launch a scorching offensive, literally tearing Cullamat into several pieces before getting razed down to the ground.

In her official statement, VP Sara Duterte said she wore the traditional Bagobo Tagabawa dress to pay tribute to one of the tribes that comprises the 11 groups of Davao City, apart from the Christians.

In addition, it was a show solidarity with the Lumads of Mindanao and many other IPs all over the country who have been uprising against the NPAs for the chronic exploitation of their children, arming them as new recruits never mind if they are minors and unable to comprehend the madness of terrorism espoused by the NPAs.

In short, VP Sara wore the Bagobo dress during a widely televised public occasion to raise awareness of the plight of our Lumad brothers and sisters throughout the country who are the victims of the NPA atrocities if they don’t cooperate with them by rejecting their ideology.

Finally, VP Sara went for the jugular by telling Cullamat that as a mother of a dead NPA fighter, she should apologize to her daughter for sending her to her untimely gruesome demise.

The last part of VP Sara Duterte’s statement made the solid Duterte supporters cheering for the VP, including radio host Mark Lopez and Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu.

Mark Lopez wrote:

Leeches like EUFEMIA CULLAMAT should really be put in their proper place. Thank God that we have a courageous Vice President who stands up to evil like Cullamat. With VP Inday Sara Duterte, the future of this country, and our children, is brighter than ever.

Krizette Chu wrote:

Eufemia Cullamat, who sent her own child to death by teaching her the wrong ideology and is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for the death of her own child for brainwashing her, gets a tongue lashing from VP SARA DUTERTE.

How painful must it be to be reminded that you’re the reason your child died. Or not, if you don’t have a heart

Here are some of the nice words from netizens…

VP Inday Sara is not PRRD’s daughter for nothing. The fruit does not fall far from the tree, wrote one netizen.

VP Sara is really good with words. A great prospective leader of our country in 2028. She is evolving as a season politician, ok ang timing niya sa mga isyu. Magaling sasagot, remarked another.

A third described VP Sara’s statement “savage”. She devoured Cullamat entirely.

Grabe ang statement ni VP Sara. Nilamon ng buong buo si Cullamat..Kung si PRRD kamay na bakal. Si VP Sara Iron Lady.


Source: Mark Lopez


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