WAC’s (We Are Collective) FB page has been taken down. Jim Paredes is the suspect. Read why!

If you are a fan of We Are Collective aka WAC, I assumed you already got the word that their FB page has been taken down.

Meaning, their FB page is dead, momentarily.

Social media people who follow WAC on Facebook are wondering whose responsible but let me direct your attention to the screen grab below and this gives us a clue.

Yes, it’s Resbak Operatives.

Reading through the post of Resbak addressed to WAC, Resbak urged the anti-Dutertes to mass report it because they believed what WAC has been posting on its page is no longer within the bounds freedom of speech but borders in promoting hate.

It’s their opinion.

Meanwhile, WAC has other suspects in mind.

It’s Jim Paredes and the Digs Dimagiba of Facebook Philippines.

If you ask Google who is Digs DImagiba, he is no less than the country manager of Facebook Philippines.

Check out the tweet of WAC below, it’s the guy in the pic with Jim Paredes.

In fairness to Digs, the picture does not prove anything that indeed he is responsible for WAC’s disappearance on Facebook.

Perhaps, he is just a big fan of Jim’s APO days but knowing well how passionate Filipinos are when it comes to their politics, you can’t blame people to start becoming suspicious.

In the meantime, let us wait how this thing pans out and how Mark Zuckerberg reacts to this when his country manager has been accused of engaging in partisan politics.

Your reaction please!



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