“Wala!” Empathic answer of Fil-Am accountant on innuendo of Bayan Muna Rep. Ferdinand Gaite Pres. Duterte to blame on Honda, Nokia closing shops in PH

Facebook netizen Edwin Jamora, Fil-Am blogger by night and accountant by day, admonished Bayan Muna Rep. Gaite on socmed for blaming President Duterte because Nokia. Wells Fargo and Honda PH are closing shops in the country.

In a Facebook post, Jamora gave a brief lecture about the President’s responsibilities, in case, Bayan Muna Rep. Gaite isn’t aware of this and the public in general.

Jamora started by stressing the importance of education among Filipinos. In addition, he advocates in improving the health of Filipinos so that when they grow up, they become contributors to society, not go to the mountains and play cat and mouse with the Army soldiers. Note: Don’t correct his language because that his style of writing. “Edumicate the Filipinos, ayusin ang health para they grow up as contributing members of our society – value added baga. Hindi yong when they grow up, they go to the mountains and play hide n seek with our military.”

Jamora mentioned building or improving infrastructures for easy flow of commerce and money. This is exactly what President Duterte has been pushing since Day 1. Ex. railway projects from Manila to Clark. Re-opened PNR operation from Manila to Laguna and eventually to Bicol. “Build and improve infrastructure para easy ang flow nang commerce and money.”

The next three responsibilities of the President, according to Jamora, are focused on making our country business-friendly, both local businessmen foreign investors by providing an even business playing field, good peace and order situation and strengthening our institutions. Otherwise, these foreign investors would back out if they find out our business atmosphere is akin to mafia style.

“Eradicate or control corruption para there is an even playing field sa mga businesses dahil who would come and invest kung alam nilang parang mafia style pala ang business sa Manila?”

“Make it easy for investors to do business in the Philippines, make our institutions stronger para when there are disputes to settle, yong mga combatants will respect the decision nung institutions gaya na nga nang katarantaduhan nang isang franchise holder dyan na ongoing ang chienes!”

“Create a peaceful environment or control peace and order dahil who would want to do business with us kung puro bang bang every corner of the Philippines?”

And the last but not the least, Jamora said taking of our OFW’s makes good business sense. “And while there are other things the President is responsible for, pinaka importante is take care of our OFW’s and Overseas Pinoys because the $30 billion infusion to our domestic economy is gold mga friends! Saang bundok mo miminahin yan?!”

Jamora said that if we factor in all these factors, he said it is not far-fetched that our country will attract more businesses and of course open for job opportunities for Filipinos. “Now, put all these in one kawa, mix them together and with the right ajinomoto, more businesses might open and hopefully more employment will be available for Pinoy workforce. Ganun.”

Finally, Jamora asked why the hell President Duterte cares about Honda? Nokia? Wells Fargo? “None,” Jamora said. “Now, ano ang pakealam ni President Duterte sa Honda? Nokia? Wells Fargo? Wala!”

Jamora remarked that Nokia is to blame for its downfall because they failed to innovate and adapt with the changing times. “Remember Nokia? Their mission is connecting people. Somehow, na-diskonek mga friends. They were not watching their competitors especially Samsung and Apple. Nokia felt invinsible. Yumabang eh. Bumanat ang Samsung, improving their pradaks like no other until they were almost at par with Apple at which point, Nokia became last Friday. That’s what happened.”

On Honda? Jamora explained that have their own issues mainly safety issues of its vehicles. Plus, their competitors have beat them. “What about Honda? Honda’s issues are about safety. They have the oil dilution problem, the crash sensors, me battery charging issues pa. Meanwhile, they’re being beaten by their competitors.”

On Wells Fargo, told netizens to Google it if they want to know more about the company’s status. “What about Wells Fargo? Ewan ko sa kanila. Google nyo na lang.”

Jamora wrapped up his by absolving President Duterte from any blame with regards to the closure of the three companies as Bayan Muna Rep. Ferdinand Gaite suggested but a rather more of a business decision. “My point is. Every gedam company has a barangay captain called CEO and/or President. At ang President nang mga companies na to ay hindi si Duterte! And even Duterte’s economic managers has got nothing to do why Honda, Nokia and Wells Fargo went south!”


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Source: Edwin Jamora

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