“Wala nang ginawang tama ang Presidente para sa inyo.” — Netizen lashes at critics who mocks President Duterte’s poor speaking skills

A Facebook post penned by a netizen named Andrea David verbalizing the sentiment of the Duterte supporters against the critics of President Duterte making fun of his manner of speaking goes viral.

David’s post has garnered 43,500+ shares, 35,000+ reactions and 259 comments as of this writing.

David wrote that she watched the President’s press con while on shift and she agreed that the President isn’t a gifted speaker but she perfectly got his message, which she described as clear. “Watched Pres. Duterte’s press con while on shift. And yes, I had the same thoughts that he is not a good speaker. But the message he wanted to send is clear.”

David noted how the President practiced caution when delivering his speech because he did not want to cause more panic as people already are. “Our President is doing whatever he can. Trying to be as careful with his words. He doesn’t even want to use the word ‘lockdown’ but technically it already is. He doesn’t want to cause a ruckus and make everyone panic as most of the people already are but he wants us to be cautious. Cautious of our own health.”

David said she felt sad that critics nitpicked President Duterte’s manner of speaking rather than paying attention to the important things the President talked. Besides, the President is already 74 years old so she assumed their grandparents talked the same. “It’s sad that I still see posts commenting about how bad he delivers the message. That he’s just blabbering and all that shit. Totoo ba? Sa dami ng sinabi ng presidente, dun ka nag focus? And the President who just delivered the message is 74 years old. I assume your grandparents do the same.”

David lamented that the President has done nothing right in the eyes of the critics, calls out the negatives which are unimportant, just to highlight the negative. “Wala nang ginawang tama ang Presidente para sa inyo. You always point out things that are irrelevant para lang mas ma highlight yung negative. Why don’t we just support him?”

David went back to her post, asking for understanding that she had to turn off to leave a comment publicly because things got out of hand and some people started bashing her. She said the point of her post was not to hate and point out mistakes but to encourage everyone to support the President and each other to get through the crisis.

“Sorry guys but I’d have to turn off the ability to leave a comment publicly. It’s going out of hand that some don’t really get the reason for this post. I don’t mean to open a debate to anyone since I know not everyone can relate to this.

We all have different opinions and perspective. But what we all need right now is to support each other. Not to hate and point out mistakes. This is not how we will get through this crisis.”

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Source: Andrea David

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