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“Wala Pong ganon, Mars.” — Manila Bulletin writer on Leni Robredo telling gov’t to ditch Chinese PPEs & buy PH PPEs

So if VP Leni Robredo had her way, she would ditch Chinese-made PPEs and buy its Philippine counterpart while easily solving our issue of PPE shortage.

Yes, that’s what VP Robredo told the Philippine Daily Inquirer and perhaps to the rest of mainstream media reporters who are assigned at the OVP desk, which has been passed around as meme in social media sites.

On that note, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu, published strong rebuttal to VP Leni Robredo’s statement in her personal FB page.

Chu remarked she was grateful VP Leni Robredo raised the issue of PPEs since she strongly felt about the subject because early on, she was someone who sourced PPEs very early on for donations.

As someone who sourced PPEs very early on for donations, I am grateful you brought this up because this is a very important subject.’

Chu wasted no time in pointing out the difference between medical grade PPEs and fashion PPEs which VP Robredo is pushing as the alternative to the China PPEs.

‘Ang medical grade PPE po ay dapat sterile. They are made in labs, sterilized. May level level po yan. Grade 5 chervalu basta science.

Chu said medical grade PPE is not the same as PPEs made by PH tailors preferred by Robredo. ‘Hindi sya gaya ng PPE na fashion PPEs that are made in Ateliers by Couturiers.’

Chu walked netizens through the tedious process in choosing the PPE provider before procurement to avoid wasting their resources, effort and time.

‘So when we donated PPES to hospitals, para sure kami hindi maSayang, yung mga nag bid Po sa amin, we asked for samples and Dr Ethel Pineda sent them to PGH herself to get tested by the doctors if they would pass their standards. Some did not pass, others did.’

Chu mentioned only one Filipino company that produces PPE that passed the standards of PGH.

‘Sa mga Filipino PPEs (cover all) na nakuha namin, yung PPE ng isang company called EXCLUSIVELY HIS yung pwede.’

On why Chu and company did not purchase all the PPEs from that Filipino company? The said Filipino simply don’t have the capability to meet the high demands. Unlike China, Chu said they have it ready to ship.

‘So bakit hindi namin dun binili lahat? Kasi Po they can only manufacture a few plus they take time. Ang lead time nya matagal, months. Di gaya ng China, ready na. (shipping yung matagal tapos lately Lang meron si Exclusively His, mid-May na.)’

Chu could only hoped critics wouldn’t make the PH government buying PPEs as an anti-China issue because truth be told, most of the PPEs sources were really from China because the factories there have been churning out medical grade PPEs.

‘Sana po hindi nyo gawin anti China ang pag source ng government from China because most of the PPEs sources were really from China because the labs there really have been doing medical grade PPE.’

‘The standards to be met should demonstrate sterility (when applicable), biocompatibility, fluid resistance, and flammability. Manufacturers must validate the methods used to test conformance to standards and support each product with appropriate performance test data,’ Chu wrote.

‘Yung iba Po dyan marked with Conformité Européene (CE) pa,’ Chu added.

Chu joked that PPEs are akin to ternos from Taytay, just like your ternos for sleeping levels, buying PPEs would have been that quick.

‘Wish ko nga din parang terno galing Taytay lang yan, Yung mga pantulog levels, di sana ganon kabilis gawin.’

Chu asked netizens if they are aware that the US require PPEs to meet FDA standards before letting their doctors use it? Chu commented that buying PPEs without proper vetting to kowtow nationalism won’t cut it.

‘Do you know Po ba that the US before letting their doctors use PPEs, they must meet FDA standards? Hindi pwedeng kung ano ano lng in the name of kowtowing I mean nationalism.’

Chu declared she was fully aware the narrative that the Robredo camp was trying to push and she sounded adamant in compromising the safety of the doctors over Robredo’s agenda.

‘I know you want to push the idea that the government is being anti Filipino by not buying local PPEs, but we just want the doctors to be properly suited. Hindi sya bigay bigay Lang for PICTURE PICTURE purposes.’

Chu talked about the their struggles in their PPE donation drive. ‘

It took us awhile to donate because we had to have each model and make approved.’

Chu appealed to the Robredo camp to refrain from turning the PPE into a political issue.

‘Sana Naman wag natin pulitikihan Pati PPE. You can go ask PGH doctors if they will accept anything sewn just by anyone without it meeting standards.’

Chu offered a consolation to VP Robredo – her fashion PPEs can be donated to other frontliners like the police because they don’t have to be in a sterile environments.

‘Yung mga ganon pwede naman ibigay sa mga Frontliners like police because they don’t have to be in sterile environments. Pero wag nyo naman gawing PHP vs China as usual yung issue ng sourcing ng PPE.’

Chu called Robredo’s statement that ‘when we sourced our PPEs in the Philippines, the shortage of PPEs in our hospitals is immediately stopped’ is a big, big lie.

‘And what a big, big, big lie (misrepresentation na lang) din po when you said po that if we sourced in the PH dapat the shortage was immediately stopped in the country.’

‘Wala Pong ganon, Mars,’ Chu said in a feeling silly tone.

Chu declared the Philippines have no manufacturer who produces medically garde coveralls.

‘Walang medical grade level maker ng COVERALLS who could immediately supply in the beginning IN THE PH.’

Chu asked netizens if they were aware the logistics involved when DPWH Sec. Mark Villar and the government flew in supplies from China? And if we have factories that produce medical grade N95 and coverall in the Philippines?

‘Ilan pong airplane ang ni rent ni Mark Villar and the government makapag dala lang ng medical coveralls at ilang medical grade items dito. Meron po ba tayong factory ng N95 medical grade at coverall sa Pilipinas?’

Chu blamed the absence of foreign investors opening such factories that allows 100% ownership to the 1987 Constitution.

‘Wala Po kasi bawal sa Pilipinas ang foreign investors dahil Po pangit ang 1987 constitution that does not allow foreigners to own their businesses here. Kaya nga Po eto kami sinusulong ang pag babago ng Constitution kasi if hindi, isa na naman Po sa oligarch friends Po natin ang magiging sole manufacturer ng PPEs bilang hindi naman pwede mag kapital ng P20k para makatayo ng lab na ganyan.’

Chu ended the FB post pushing to oust Kiko Pangilinan from the chairmanship on Constitutional reform.

‘Salamat Po. Oust Kiko po. Change 1987 Consti po.’

Chu asked netizens to inform her in case they are aware of tailors who can medical grade PPEs.

****PS: IF MERON PONG PH TAILORS WHO CAN DO MEDICAL GRADE LEVEL, Share nyo na po resources nyo ASAP sa gobyerno. Tsaka since love mo naman po si Duque, you can reach him. PERO EVEN THEN I AM SURE THEY STARTED LATE in making. Hindi rin po very accurate if you said na sana in the beginning pa lang PH tailors agad ang kinuha, wala na sanang shortage. Kasi kahit masks during Taal eruption, hirap na hirap po kami sa sourcing ng masks. Right now po like Exclusively His, meron na rin Ping Filipino makers, pero I’m sure sa Dami ng needs we will still greatly supplement from China. Salamat po.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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