“Wala tayo sa listahan.” — Jay Sonza’s emphatic response to trolls accusing Duterte admin of bias towards Chinese-made vaccines

“Wala tayo sa listahan.”

This is the sad news of retired broadcaster Jay Sonza to his followers in his latest Facebook post, announcing that the Philippines is not in the priority list of countries to receive China-made covid vaccines.

Sonza was prompted to vent out his frustrations on social media after he was apparently fed up by fellow Filipinos who have been trying to put down Asian made vaccines, particularly SinoPharm at SinoVac.

Sonza said that previously he wrote about Filipinos penchant for branded and Western-madew covid vaccines.

So when Sonza came upon with list released by China yesterday which mentioned the countries who procured and ordered additional vaccines, he can’t help but get back to Filipinos, who are making comments on social media that the Duterte administration preferred the Chinese-made vaccines over Western-made vaccines because the President is biased towards China, to tell them that they are dead wrong.

Sonza went on to share the list of countries who are getting Chinese-made vaccines.

a. African countries led by Nigeria and Congo
b. South American countries led by Brazil and Venezuela
c. Mediterranean countries led by Turkey and Greece.
d. Middle East countries led by United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
e. Asian countries led by Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Sonza said he even reviewed the list three times and he can’t find the Philippines in the list of 50 countries who are prioritized by China to get their vaccines.

Sonza offered two theories to explain why we are not in China’s good graces or priority list: 1. The Chinese are mad because of some Filipinos looked down on their scientific find and the constant attacks from our “EPAL” politicians. 2. The Philippines did not order or has yet to order vaccines from them.

Sonza said something that should makes us Filipinos pause and have a second hard look at the Chinese-made vaccines.

“Gaya ng sinulat ko, baka naghahangad tayo ng kagitna, isang salop ang nawala. Sila nga, mga Hari, Reyna, Principe, princess, president and prime Minister ang nagpabakuna.”

Sonza ended the FB post saying that Filipinos biased towards anything Western, turned out the key to our problem can be found in our neighboring country.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in Manila announced on Twitter that the Philippines has secured 25 million doses of covid vaccine from China. Basically, the Chinese tweet belies some of the assertions made by Jay Sonza in his FB post.

Wala tayo sa listahan. Three (3) days ago, I wrote about our penchant for branded and western made Covid19 vaccine….

Posted by Jay Sonza on Monday, January 11, 2021


Source: Jay Sonza

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