“Walang kinalaman sa mga ginawa ng ABS-CBN na paglabag sa batas sina Pres. Duterte, ang Kongreso at ang Korte Suprema” — Jay Sonza to inaanak @ ABS-CBN

Although, some netizens are already resigned to the fact the ABS-CBN may survived in their biggest fight to date and get a new franchise, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza isn’t throwing the white towel yet.

In fact, Sonza took to Facebook to write an open letter to his godsons and goddaughters at the Kapamilya Network, all the workers and fellow stockholders and tell them who’s to blame in case it shuts down.

Sonza opened the letter with the usual salutation, “My dear inaanak and all other workers and fellow stockholders of abs-cbn broadcasting corporation:

Sonza wrote that in case the Supreme Court says that OUR company has been found to have violated the Constitution and because of that, the punishment is the disenfranchisement and removal of doing business using broadcasting, there is no one to blame but the officials of the Kapamilya network. “Kung sakali at sabihin ng Supreme Court na nilabag ng ating kumpanya ang Saligang Batas at dahil diyan ay kailangang parusahan ito ng pag-aalis ng karapatang makanegosyo gamit ang himpapawid o broadcasting, walang dapat sisihin kundi ang mga may-ari at opisyal ng kapamilya network.”

Sonza said the President Duterte, Congress and the Supreme Court are not to blame. “Walang kinalaman sa mga ginawa ng ABS-CBN na paglabag sa batas sina Pres. Duterte, ang Kongreso at ang Korte Suprema.”

Sonza explained that it is necessary that these things are clear to the public. Although, it is painful to accept but that is the glaring truth in life. “Kinakailangan, malinaw sa inyo at sa madlang people ang bagay na ito. Marahil sa simula masakit tanggapin, subalit ito ang nagdudumilat na katotohanan sa buhay.”

Sonza wrapped the post by reiterating that in case the thing that they dread to happen happens, the only people to blame and need to answer to their sins against the workers are the owners and ABS-CBN management. “Uulitin ko, kung sakaling dumating ang alam kong ayaw ninyong mangyari – bukod tanging ang mga may-ari at pamunuan ng Kapamilya Network ang sisihin at managot sa mga atraso sa mga manggagawa.”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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