Want to know from whom Karen Davila copied the idea “one vote from SC justice” enough to reverse Sereno’s fortune?

In school, teachers remind students before exams that if they plan to copy from seatmates, they only copy from the brightest in class. Otherwise, the risk of getting caught outweighs the reward.

In this note, it appears that ANC’s Karen Davila did not pay attention when her teacher said these words when she was still in school.

Had she paid attention to her teachers, she would not has been the butt of jokes on social media after netizens caught her cheating lately.

In case you didn’t know, Davila tweeted that with an MR (motion for reconsideration), it takes only one vote for the 8-6 SC decision to get a reversal.

I checked Karen Davila’s twitter to check if indeed she really said it, but after a short while I quit thinking she may have deleted the controversial tweet after netizens made fun of her.

Fortunately, someone had the presence of mind to take a screen of Davila’s tweet which resurfaced later on the Facebook page Vovph. Please refer below for your reference.

If you consult the 1999 SC ruling in case a tied voting occurs, the MR (Motion for Reconsideration) is deemed denied.

Credits to photo owner.

In fairness to Davila, she actually copied the idea from former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay of the Pnoy administration.

If you check the screenshot photo above, Hilbay discourages Sereno sympathizers in demonizing the SC justices who voted in favor of ousting CJ Sereno because he said there is still an MR (motion of reconsideration) and a reversal of the vote is not far-fetched because, in the words of Hilbay, “8-6 is a very close vote. We need just 1 vote to win.”

Netizens who have read Hilbay’s line of argument couldn’t help but questioned how the former SolGen passed the bar exam and a board topnotcher at that. Karen Davila was not spared either.

Roldan Balaba Ranoco : “Hahahha paano naging solicitor General yan si hilbay akala ko top notcher yan sa Bar Exam bopols din pala kung makapag english lang para kunwari totoo pero malayo sa katotohanan pala”

Stephanie Lim: “How did he become a solgen and how did he pass the bar exam with eyes closed? :)”

Manny Lezada Mendoza: “Solgen pulpol as always. Hilbay is forever…stupid! 😂”

SimonRoel Franklin: “If it’s from hilbay it’s always sablay!”

Ann Palma Bagona: “Mas pinapanuod ko pa di hamak si Pinky Webb kesa kay Her Royal Highness Dutch and Dutchess Davila na ito. Mamshie Alma Moreno vindicated ka na, Teh! 😂😂😂”

Sally Tantiongco: “sana karen binasa mo muna o inalam sa mga justices na pumabor kung bakit naalis si sereno hindi yung ginagaya mo lang si hilbay solicitor yan ni aquino eh, mga dilawan yan ano pang expect mo syempre kampi yan kay sereno idol pa naman kita lagi kitang pinapanood kayo ni vic lima tapos pinagtatanggol mo pa si sereno nagbabaitbaitan lang yan gusto lang mag paawa sa mga tao”

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Source: VOVPH

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