Was Aussie missionary nun Patricia Fox mocking Duterte government by attending prayer rally right after DOJ voids visa forfeit order?

June 17, 2017, the Department of Justice voided the Bureau of Immigration (BI) order versus Australian missionary Patricia Fox saying the BI’s forfeiture of the 71-year-old missionary’s visa has no legal basis. [PhilStar]

“Our existing immigration laws outline what the BI can do to foreigners and their papers – including visas – when they commit certain acts within Philippine territory. What the BI did in this case is beyond what the law provides, that is why it has to be struck down.”

In short, the BI order forfeiting the Fox’s visa was illegal.

However, the DOJ chief clarified that visa cancellation would have been more appropriate proceeding for the nun’s case.

So what are the grounds for visa cancellation?

According to the DOJ Chief, fraud or misrepresentation is one example.

Meanwhile, the Aussie nun’s victory is only temporary.

Fox has a pending case in the Bureau of Immigration and the decision could go either way.

It can be recalled the Aussie nun was arrested by BI agents last April 16 for allegedly joining protest rallies against the government. She was released the following day for further investigation.

Meanwhile, Patricia Fox attended the solidarity mass at the Quiapo Church for Fr. Richmond Nilo and two other colleagues.

Photo not mine. Credits to the owner.

The news of Patricia Fox joining a mass cum protest rally with her colleagues has not been received well in social media.

Some netizens say the Aussie nun’s action is a mockery to the Duterte government and Philippine law. Furious, some are asking Duterte to sack his DOJ chief for being an LP spy, while others direct their disillusionment to the nun and her colleagues in general.

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles led netizens in criticizing the

At ayan. Di pa natuyo ang tinta ng pinirmahang order ni SOJ, andyan na uli sa rally si Sr. Fox.
Ito ba ang gawain ng missionary?

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Jer Big-j Antepuesto: “Sack guerrero”

Marc Heinakai: “Dati mataas ang tingin ko sa mga madre ngayon ang tingin ko sa kanila parang mga penguin nalang.”

Nora Pablo Durias: “She’s mocking not only Philippine law..but entire Philippine government.”

Alex Dizon: “PRRD please sibakin na din si Guevarra dahil dilawan yan”

Grace Bermudez Fredeluces: “Her surname says it all😂😂🤣😁”

Ralf Dy: “Asus! Kasalanan ng malambot na immigration yan! Kung kapwa pinoy pinapaOffload ora-orada pero pag dayuhan kung anu-anong consideration binibigay!”

Tata Dolloso: “Dapat deported na yan eh! Walang ngipin ang DOJ??”

James Agdamag: “Magaling talaga ang mga Pilipino…. nakakapang-uto ng ibang lahi….hehehheh”

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