Watch: Actual footage of drug suspect shooting at police operative dismantles ICC case against Duterte in the Hague

The news that Atty. Sabio, Matobato’s lawyer has filed a complaint in ICC against Duterte for committing crimes against humanity is the trending topic on social media today.

Duterte’s critics insist that drug suspects killed in police operations are victims of extra-judicial killings while police says this is not true.

While Duterte’s critics are in celebratory mood upon hearing the news, a viral video showing a drug suspect shooting an undercover policeman to avoid arrest fortifies the police story that drug suspects are killed during legitimate police operations.

Miraculously, the suspect missed his target twice and the undercover policeman lived to tell
his tale.

Unknown to the suspect, he ran towards the blocking force setup by the police, where he met his untimely death.

The drug suspect was identified as Jacking Guevarra, a longtime subject of police surveillance of the Calamba police.

Recovered from the suspects are nine sachets of suspected shabu and the gun used in the shooting.

Here’s what Supt. Fernando Guevarra, Calamba Police Chief has to say on the killing of the drug suspect.

Kitang-kita sa video, kita naman po na nanglaban po at unang nanlaban at pumutok ang suspek sa inyong kapulisan.

Supt. Guevarra further added that the video is the proof that the police operation against the drug suspects are clean (legitimate).

“Ito ay isang patunay po lamang na ang mga drug suspects at mga personalities na yan ay lumalaban talaga sa kapulisan…at mawala sa isipan na ang ating mga mamamayan na kapag may drug operation may napatay ang ating kapulisan ay sinasadya at ito ay malaki na patunay na hindi po totoo ang mga ibinebentang.”

Video courtesy of News5TV.

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