Watch: ANC reporter caught spreading fake news in live broadcast?

Ironic! Mocha Uson has been accused by her critics as the blogger who spread fake news but in this video, she has been the subject of “fake” news.

In retaliation, Mocha Uson posted the video wherein a reporter affiliated with a major TV network was caught spreading the “fake” news about her.

Jerome Lantin who works for ANC, an ABS-CBN English news outfit, was overheard reporting LIVE from the Luneta Park to his mother studio via a phone patch on Sunday, April 2, 2017.

“One of the known supporters of Duterte, Mocha Uson was not able to attend the rally!”

However, based on the same footage shared by Mocha Uson, she was clearly present in the Luneta rally; she was even interviewed by a reporter from UNTV.

Whether Jerome Lantin of ANC wants to misled his viewers or plain lazy to check his facts by claiming Mocha Uson did not make it to the April 2, #PalitBise rally in Luneta is up for speculation!

Let us check how the social media reacts to ANC’s fake news.

Tee Toh Nonette remarked: “haha….my golly….ang daming fake news….little did these fake people knew that the Filipiho people are already keen in knowing the fake and the real news…haha…the social media is really educating our people that they can be difficult to fool…mahihirapan ang fake news caster na lokohin ang social media the Duterte supporters….”

Reynaldo M. Juico said: “Jerome Lantin just misinformed the viewers. Any retraction and correction from his side? O wala lang at sasabihin na tagapag balita lang sya?”

Jesse Mendiola commented: “This a classic media biased. Disinformation propaganda being done by abs cbn in connivance with the yellowshits patrons. Inquirer is their broadsheet propaganda and disinformation arm, be vigilant on what the report say and write most of it are for business and political interest. Some media outfit has turned into public relations for specific political party for money and power. Its true some journalist not all has lost their moral decency to give the truth but engaged in profitable partisan politics.”

Iole Villegas remarked: “Ha, ha, ha . Pathetic Mainstream media, ABS-CBN, Inquirer are continiously spreading fake news. The Majority of Filipino people do not believe in you anymore. The people has spoken . Di na nag papauto ang mga tao. This Jerome Lantin is a liar.”

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