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Watch: Call center agent shares CCTV video of robbery, appeals for help in apprehending notorious robbers in Pasay footbridge



A female robbery victim appeals for help in the social media so that the notorious robbers in Pasay footbridge can be apprehended as soon as possible.

The robbery victim identified by her Facebook handle as Rose Ren Marie, according to her Facebook profile, is a call center agent of John Ernest, a company based in San Juan Metro Manila.

The crime was caught in a short 14-second video but long enough to give the public a glimpse of the face of the assailant.

The victim shared the CCTV videos of the incident in the hope of catching the suspect with the help of the social media and the concerned authorities.

The young male suspect can be seen pointing a gun at the hapless female victim who tried in vain to get away from the suspect. However, her efforts proved futile as the suspect managed to take away her belongings.

Watch the 14-second video below.

In the next video, the female victim said the guy in the CCTV dissuaded her from reporting the incident to the police, attempted to take her luggage forcibly and even offered to accompany her home.

She said she believed the guy is an accomplice of the suspect who took her money earlier.

According to her, a rider acted as the lookout of the suspect. Unfortunately, he was not caught on the CCTV.

The first video has garnered more than 13,000 shares while the second video garnered more than 200 shares on Facebook.

As of this writing, the first video has generated more than 340,000 views on Facebook and counting.

The incident has angered netizens who wish the suspects apprehended as soon as possible and brought before the bar of justice.

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