Watch: Comelec Chairman’s wife bares husband’s unexplained wealth that runs to billions of pesos

These are 300 million in these bank, while pointing to bank books in front of her. As you can see there 32 pass books, said Patricia Bautista.

Patricia Bautista came out in the open to bare the unexplained wealth of her husband that amounts to P2B, more than what his P116M he declared in 2016 SALN.

When asked why came out in the open, Patricia ‘Tish’ Bautista answered that she is getting scared. I am holding these stuffs and don’t know what it is. She hit the wall, and she don’t know how far reaching it is, and she doesn’t know what to do.

So she came to the conclusion that the safest place to bring this is there (Malacanang). Because at the end of the day, it is the President and it is as high as it goes.

She said, majority of what she told the President were said in the first visit just as she stated in the affidavit she gave to the NBI. The affidavit was 6 inches in high so you that gives an idea of the things she told the President.

She said the President was surprised just as she was but Duterte asked her what he can do to help. Duterte said was kind enough to connect her to the NBI Director by endorsing her affidavit to the NBI.

She revealed that Chairman Bautista also visited Malacanang to see the President. Remember, it was revealed by Arnold Clavios several months ago?

She also bared that the feuding couple already faced each other to talk about the issue. It appears the discussion was a failure that is why the wife came out in the open to expose her husband.

She said she discovered passbooks that were unheard of, properties that were unheard of, which belongs to her husband Andy Bautista. She also found money, cash (gift-wrapped) that belongs to her husband.

She said she came to the point realizing that these things could put her into trouble, including her children.

She said there were bank deposits that amounted to P400K and P500K done in a day so these are the things that make her wonder, make her panic.

She said she feel these are the things that does not belong to the house and she does not want anybody to think she is complicit and she has nothing to do with it. She asked herself whose gonna believe?

She also bared that her greatest fear is no ones gonna take of their children if both of them were charged in court.

YouTubers praised the courage of Patricia Bautista to come out in the open despite the risk.

starRN083 wrote:
“Wow…this woman gave me goosebumps for being so open and honest! She believes in her heart that this is the best thing for her to do. I have not thought that there is still someone like her. Ms. Patricia, thank you for being a great example to those who are not as brave and as honest as you are and to those who are still continuously enjoying their loot and continuous denial. Amazing!”

Moises Granada2 remarked:
“It is not only fear that drove her to make this rightful decision. It is love for her children. She just wanted them the dignity that they deserve that though their father is probably a criminal if proven but their mom is a different person.”

Please watch the video below.

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