Watch: Does this video of Australian nun Patricia Fox attending anti-government gathering makes her and CBCP bunch of liars?

While the Australian missionary nun maintains her innocence that she never participated in street protest and demonstrations against the government, this video shows otherwise.

The Facebook page VoVph got hold of the video footage, courtesy of ABS-CBN, showing the Australian nun holding a placard bearing the text “Stop Killing Framers” while shouting, “Ipaglaban and Tunay na Reproma sa Lupa”.

Based on the video footage, Sister Patricia Fox attended a anti-government gathering hosted by cause-oriented groups fighting for land reforms and the rights of the farmers.

The video came after a photo of the Australian nun Patricia Fox attending a street protest and holding a microphone.

Netizens said that the photo belied the earlier statement of the CBCP claiming the Australian nun never spoke during any of them (protest and demonstration).

Credits to VovPh for the photo.

According to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, the photo was taken during a street protest in front of Coca-Cola Davao City distribution center in Ulas, Davao City.

The video has elicited various reactions on social media, mostly negative against the CBCP.

Badet Valencia wrote: “CBCP deny pa more!! Madre ka sister Fox dka dapat nagsisinungaling!”

Mike Frogosa Falo slammed the nun for lying. “sinungaling tskkk madre ka pa nman hehe”

Jole Amir Pajaron Subra kang sinungaling madre ka bumalik knalang sa bansa mo..!

Netizen Reynando Lobitania Vecinal says the video says it all. “ito evidencia oh sumisigaw sila…huli kayo…”

Ianboy Raganit Diola Jr. couldn’t help but laugh the nun who was clearly caught lying. “may picture na nga e deny pa…hahhahha”

Your thoughts?

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