Watch: Enrile schools Luchi Cruz-Valdes, ReAkyon host of TV5 about Marcos’ Martial Law and Duterte’s Martial Law

Luchi Cruz Valdes invited former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile to ReAksyon, a late night news magazine and public affairs show to shed light on many issues related to Martial Law.

The 93-year-old Martial Law architect and former Marcos Defense Minister has proven to be mentally sharp as ever as Enrile made Luchi Cruz-Valdes wince with discomfort by revealing what she really is, a pro-Aquino, an anti-Duterte and anti-Marcos propagandist masquerading as a journalist.

Enrile is a joy to watch as he eluded every attack of the ReAksyon TV host while landing his counter punches masterfully like Mohammed Ali would to his opponents atop the boxing ring.

To open the show, Valdes resurrected the so-called ‘fake’ ambush on Enrile that Marcos used as premise to declare Martial law.

However, Enrile dismissed as a fallacy. He only said it was staged but was he the one who staged the ambush? Enrile said no. Not even Marcos. Because in the first place, Martial Law was already declared when the alleged ambush happened.

When Valdes sought Enrile’s answer if the framers of the Constitution had made sufficient safety nets that would prevent the abuse of power, Enrile told Valdes that every power is susceptible to abuse.

The most notable part in the interview was the point when Enrile remarked that in his travel to the North, he said he talked to many people and majority of them told him that they feel safer now since Duterte has been using his power to enforce the law.

The lopsided verbal boxing between Valdes and Enrile, of course in favor of the latter, continued on, touching explosive issues like BBM’s protest against Robredo.

Let us read the comments on social media and see how the netizens react to the video.

Clement Lofranco Ingking remarked: “JPE is sharp as a tack, as always.

Watched last night and I was amused nakahanap din nag katapat si Luchie Cruz akala nya she can monopolized her ideas supalpal sya kagabi…Hindi kinaya ni Luchi.”

Francisco Bituin Jr. commented: “Nkahanap ng katapat c Luchie Cruz, tameme cya, gusto nyang parating na masama ang marcos kaso hnd nangyari ang gusto nya, alam kuna kung bkt p cea nabubuhay para itama ang history..”

Joshua Sagabay Tapongot was all praised of Enrile: “What a clever old man! All I can say is wow! Grabe lang talaga yung utak ni JPE, tama si Senator Miriam na may asim pa si lolo”

Rochlem Clavecillas came out unimpressed with Luchi Cruz-Valdes. “Bobo ka pala Luchi Cruz Valdes,akala ko matino kang reporter…Wala ka binatbat kay Enrile,gusto mo pa baliktarin totoong pangyayari samantalang puro ka lang pala hearsay.. Idol pa nmn kita…ngaun isa ka ng PWE!!!! Tatak Dilawan din Asal mo!!!”

Video courtesy of TV5.

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