Watch how Lacson destroys credibility of de Lima’s ‘explosive’ witness against Duterte

In today’s resumption of the senate investigation on extra-judicial killings, Senator de Lima’s star witness hurled serious allegations against President Duterte.

The allegations include the attempted assassination of then DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima, the bombing of a mosque in retaliation of the bombing of San Pedro Cathedral, the kidnapping and murder of Sali Makdum perpetrated by the Davao Death Squad and the list goes on and on.

According to Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed member of the infamous Davao Death Squad (DDS), sometime in 2002, a certain terrorist suspect “Sali Makdum” was kidnapped and brought to the office of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) supposedly to be killed.

PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa was a former PAOCTF officer.

Kinuha namin siya (Makdum) sa itaas ng palengke tapos dinala sa opisina ng PAOCTF. Anim kaming kumuha…Dinala na namin sa quarry at pinatay namin.

PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa denied knowing Matobato and a certain Arthur Lascañas, supposed “team leader” of the DDS.

Here’s how Senator Lacson destroyed the credibility of de Lima’s star witness.

Manong Witness: Mag kakilala kami ni Dela Rosa, pero hindi kami nag uusap…

Lacson: Sir, pareho yata yan sa… Girlfriend ko sya pero hindi nya alam..

On the murder of Richard King:

Lacson: Pakikwento nga ulit kung paano nyo, sabi nyo kasama ka sa pagpatay kay Richard King o sa pagpaplano lamang.

Matobato: hindi ako kasama diyan kasi wala na ako sa kanila, nagpaalam naman ako umalis, ah yung paghuli sa akin, diyan ko lang nakuan…

Lacson: pero kinwento nyo kanina kung paano pinatay si Richard King, paano nga sa sya pinatay?

Matobato: Binaril sa hotel, sa kainan..doon binaril ng dalawa kung kasama.

Lacson: Anong hotel po yun?

Matobato: Mcdo din…Mcdo kumakain.

Lacson: McDonalds?

Matobato: oo.

However, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer report dated June 13, 2014, Richard King was murdered while eating with staffers inside the Vital C Building in Lacson Street when a gun man entered and fired at least twice at his head.

In addition, Senator Panfilo Lacson, once the head of PAOCTF, the anti-crime task force formed by then President Joseph Estrada to combat the rising wave of criminality noted that PAOCTF was abolished in 2001.

The timeline of events presented by the self-confessed DDS member, to say the least, is a big question mark!

Meanwhile, Dr.Antonio Contreras of de La Salle has also expressed doubts on the credibility of the testimony of Senator de Lima’s explosive witness.

In a Facebook post, Dr. Contreras called the attention of Senator de Lima and posed a question directed at the lady senator that reads:

So why did she not file a criminal case? Why only now?

Dr. Contreras says that “Matobato was already with the Witness Protection Program (WPP) when she was still the Secretary of the DOJ. He was an eyewitness, and as such his account would be the best evidence to the alleged crimes committed by the President and his son.”

For failing to file appropriate charges if de Lima’s witness indeed has any credibility, Dr. Contreras says he is mad at de Lima on two grounds: she is either twisting the truth or for her ineptness for the missed opportunity to bring the Dutertes to justice.

Dr. Contreras ended his post with an intriguing proposition that reads:

Either way Leila is still not off the hook. She is either a manipulative liar, or an inept official now using the fruit of her incompetence to score points.

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Source: Dr. Antonio Contreras, GMA News

Video courtesy of CNN Philippines

Senate resumes probe on drug killings (Lacson)

Sen. Lacson tests the credibility of witness Edgar Matobato by asking him to recount how they killed Richard King.

Posted by CNN Philippines on Wednesday, September 14, 2016


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