Watch how Sen. Manny Pacquiao slayed Risa Hontiveros in debate on death penalty!

Sen. Manny Pacquiao the politician have been ridiculed, mocked, looked down in the social media because his academic credential pales in comparison to his peers.

However, if Sen. Pacquiao lacks sterling academic credentials like his peers, he has more than compensated with his wit and good common sense.

Sen. Risa Hontiveros of the Liberal Party has been the latest casualty amongst those who underestimated Sen. Pacquiao during their little debate on the restoration of the death penalty in the Philippines.

In the video, Sen. Hontiveros, in her Charo Santos MMK impersonation, raised three question regarding the death penalty addressed to Sen. Pacquiao: 1. No guarantee that no innocents will die 2. Death penalty is anti-poor 3. death penalty is not a a good deterrent

1. No guarantee that the innocents will not be meted death penalty. Hontiveros cited the case of mary Jane Veloso.

Pacquiao said that along with the reimposition of the death penalty, strengthening our judicial system is a must to prevent innocent people from being lead to the death chamber. In addition, Pacquiao said, there is an automatic review in the Supreme Court to prevent the fears of the lady senator from happening. Pacquiao said that if that is case, that means we don’t trust the members of the Supreme Court.

2. Death penalty is anti-poor.

Pacquiao told Hontiveros that under the Duterte administration, the poor is protected. He said the drug traffickers are millionaires. The law will protect millions of poor Filipinos who buy the illegal drugs from the drug traffickers.

He cited cases wherein the poor would spend their money on illegal drugs instead of buying rice. Pacquiao wondered why not stop the source?

Pacquiao took a swipe at the previous admin whom he accused of neglecting the poor, but he said under the Duterte administration, this is not happening.

3. Death penalty is not a a good deterrent and no demonstrable effect that it reduces crime incidence.

Pacquiao cited the case of China wherein death penalty is imposed and the percentage of drug addiction in the Philippines is higher compared to China.


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